National Sorry Day, 26 May

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National Sorry Day 2011 on May 26

The National Sorry Day Committee invites you or your community group to join so many other Australians in commemorating SORRY DAY

The Theme: ‘SORRY. Still Living On Borrowed Time!’

The Activity: Walking across a bridge and stopping half-way; taking a photo and sharing it via the NSDC website with schools and community
groups across the nation.

For more information visit the NSDC website

National Sorry Day is on May 26 each year and the NSDC is inviting very Australian to help commemorate this significant day.

The National Sorry Day Committee’s theme for 2011 is ‘SORRY. Still Living On Borrowed Time!’ To demonstrate support for Indigenous
Australians and the Stolen Generations the suggested activity for community groups, schools and individuals is to organise a walk across
a bridge (or bridge replica) and stop half-way! This gesture will symbolize your recognition and your message to governments around
Australia that whilst the National Apology has had enormous significance, the work of making amends to the Stolen Generations in
accordance with the recommendations of the seminal ‘Bringing them home’ Report is not complete.

The National Sorry Day Committee website contains tools for you to record and provide feedback about your activities (including
photographs and written responses) and share them with others to see how they have participated.

NSDC Merchandise can also be purchased from our website including badges, CD’s, DVD’s, T-Shirts and Stolen Generations Track Home feet

Thank you for taking the time to consider this request. Please pass his information on to schools in your network.

The Stolen Generations are the survivors of past government policies that allowed for the forcible removal of Indigenous children from
their families. On 13 February 2008, thousands of Australians shared in the experience of the National Apology to the Stolen Generations
and Indigenous Australia delivered by former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd together with the Australian Parliament.

The majority of Stolen Generations survivors are over the age of 45 and, despite the Apology, are still waiting for justice – in
particular the comprehensive implementation of the recommendations of the 1997 Bringing them home report. It is now 2011 and time is running
out; hence the theme ‘SORRY. Still Living On Borrowed Time!’

The members of the NSDC are delighted by the interest and support of so many Australians who already recognise and commemorate National
Sorry Day and celebrate the Apology Anniversary. Please join us and please let others know you will be taking part. For more information
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