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Foco Nuevo in April 2011

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After our third birthday celebrations Foco Nuevo continues with some special guests – we welcome for the first time the Meeanjin Choir, the Toni Pollard Band, and Maureen O’Brien. To add a twist Jumping Fences will perform in a cut-down … Continue reading

Child Labour

by Humphrey McQueen
(originally published in The Australian, 18-19 July 1992, p. 22.)

John Hewson’s* plan for a $3-an-hour minimum wage for teenagers is yet another of his betrayals of economic rationalism. Unless market forces are allowed to determined wage levels, unemployment will never again decline to its desired level of 5 percent.

Only a totally deregulated labour market will allow wages to find that natural level. Legal minimums, no matter how low, have no place in the program of a ‘free-market’ party. Continue reading