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UNION VOICES AGAINST THE N.T. INTERVENTION JOHN LEEMANS A spokesperson for the Gurindji people of Kalkaringi and Daguragu and member of Liquor Hospitality and Miscellaneous Union LARA WATSON Part of the ACTU’s Intervention fact finding tour of prescribed communities and … Continue reading


‘Qaddafi in Defeat’ — no protest, no challenge

There won’t be mass protests on the streets of Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne as there were in March 2003 prior to the Iraq war. Yet words reminiscent of the Iraq war came from the White House as the Tomahawk missiles … Continue reading

Good news story from Christmas Island.

It happened on Thursday night up at the Camp at NW POINT where all the tears gas and flash bangs were in operation.

SERCO officers were inside the compounds when AFP unleashed torrents of tear gas which they followed with the flash bangs.

This is a problem because tear gas lowers the ignition point of air and so the flash bangs ignite causing fires. Continue reading