Good news story from Christmas Island.

It happened on Thursday night up at the Camp at NW POINT where all the tears gas and flash bangs were in operation.

SERCO officers were inside the compounds when AFP unleashed torrents of tear gas which they followed with the flash bangs.

This is a problem because tear gas lowers the ignition point of air and so the flash bangs ignite causing fires.

Serco guys were at risk so pick-up cars were driven around the perimeter and Serco were told on radios to get out and run for the cars.

One guy said that he couldn’t because he was blinded by the tear gas and couldn’t see where to go.

He said I am staying put – too dangerous to run when can’t see where to go – besides my guys (detainees) will look after me- they know me.

Car moved on.

The detainees started to light a small fire. The Serco guard panicked and said – what are doing – you told me that you would look after me.

The detainees replied- yes we will – come over here and put your head over the fire and smoke- it will take the sting out of your eyes.
He did and it worked.

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