Songs for Gaza and Palestine

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At the friday night celebration for Khalil we sang a couple of my songs.

As a result of some of the conversations I subsequently have had, I thought I’d email those + 2 others I’ve put together.
The emphasis on mimicking of Christmas carols (in the western Christian tradition) was deliberately aimed at bringing these old and tired songs up to some sort of contemporary relevance.
The “Battle off the Hearts and Minds” is based on the Afro-American song: “Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho”. I’ve included the shortened version we sang on friday plus the song as I currently think of it.
Please feel free to distribute as you think appropriate and if they are of no interest to you, just delete.

1. Battle of the Hearts and Minds
Tune: Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho.”


“We’re winning in the Battle of The Hearts and Minds

We’re saving lives, we’re gaining time.

We’re winning in the Battle of The Hearts and Minds –

We’d love you in our ranks – N Palestine will be free.. ……….”

2. Oh Little Town of Bayt Lahm

Tune: “Oh Little Town of Bethlehem”

Oh Little town of Bayt Lahm

Your beauty’s torn apart

The Prince of Peace lies crucified,

that wall staked through Your heart. ………

3. Away in Old Gaza.

Tune: “Away in Old Gaza”

“Away in old Gaza, your children aren’t safe.

The Israeli army will bomb them and strafe. ……..”

4. B o y c o t t , D i v e s t a n d S a n c t i o n s!

Tune: “Good King Wensaslace”

“Tzipi Livni likes to kill lots of other women –

They can be old, they can be young –

they must be Palestinian. ………”


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