Stop Mining Straddie

To North Stradbroke Island Vision Team

c/- Tim Ellis
Department of Environment and Resource Management
GPO Box 2454
Brisbane QLD 4001
cc the Premier:

To whom it may concern,

I understand that the Queensland government has announced its intention to make 80% of North Stradbroke Island National Park by 2027 and phase out mining by 2027.

Whilst I support 80% of the island being made National Park the time frame for achieving it is far too long. As much as possible should be gazetted in this term of government, certainly more than the 56% planned, otherwise a future government could overturn the decision.

I do not support another 17 years of sand mining on the island as that would mean destroying country earmarked for national park and it’s not possible to restore what has taken nature thousands of years to create. The island will be a great national park, so close to Brisbane.

  • Protect all its rich diversity of flora and fauna, including koalas.
  • Make remaining untouched or lightly disturbed land national park before it’s mined, not after.
  • We do not support renewal of the expired leases including those of Enterprise mine.
  • End mining as soon as possible: it’s had 60 years, and Stradbroke cannot withstand any more destruction.
  • Start the island’s economic transition now to low-impact, nature-based tourism.
  • Ensure mine workers and their families are given due consideration as the mines close.
  • Implement joint management of the national park with the island’s traditional owners.

Yours sincerely,

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