Poem: Black Deaths In Custody

Black Deaths In Custody
339 reccomendations
a royal commission
into the silent deaths
of incarcerated Aboriginal prisioners
victims of systamatic racism
jailed mostly for petty crimes
young lives cut shorrt
spirits yearning
fo the Dreamtime
a place they can rest and connect
with Ancestors past
no longer victims
of weistmeister class
sub-standard police stations
inhumane regulation
death is white hating
bullymen police
weilding baton for bacon
lock up blackfulla
for drinking and wailing
force him in dogbox
and lock him away
his anger and dispair
give his life away
339 reccomendations
to justify
a royal commission
of systamatic
— Nicole Clevens

Nicole is shown in photo reciting this poem, 'Black Deaths in Custody', at a rally in Queens Park Brisbane, on 13 November 2010. Sam Watson is standing behind near the Murri flag. Photo: Owain Jones

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