Ads placed by WordPress

Workers BushTelegraph uses WordPress software.

When this website was begun in July 2006 it was WordPress policy that no advertisement would be placed on blogs or websites using their software.

This was one reason that I selected WordPress to power the BushTelegraph

WordPress has begun allowing Google ads at the bottom of some of BushTelegraph posts without my permission. I am opposed to this policy change.

I wish to advise readers that Workers BushTelegraph is not a commercial enterprise and gains no revenue from these ads.

WordPress has admended this policy saying that ‘To support the service (and keep free features free), we (WordPress) also sometimes run advertisements.’

Workers BushTelegraph is opposed to these ads on it.

But as it already costs $2,000 per annum to run this (not including labour costs) I do not have any alternative.

Ian Curr
Workers BushTelegraph

One thought on “Ads placed by WordPress

  1. I don’t like this development. I find such unwanted content compromises the integrity of any site. The wordpress ‘no-ad upgrade’ option is a bit cheeky, (although only 8c per day or $30 per year), but Facebook uses ad placement for revenue generation for its ‘free’ service, as does yahoo so there is a precedent. If one million users opt to pay for no ads, wordpress would make a tidy sum!
    Every time a google adsense link is activated the advertiser pays google a unit price and google pays the owner/webmaster of the web site hosting the ad. It seems this policy has been circumvented by wordpress so that the software developer is paid rather than the host. By clicking on the ad one therefore has the opportunity to waste the financial resources of the advertiser whilst supporting wordpress, (active resistance that compromises the advertising budget and queers the stats).
    At least adsense is generally static text which can be easily ignored unlike animated graphics. In the final assessment I feel it is ok to make room for adsense on your site if you are providing a service to others rather than just personal blogging, (as this one does).
    I do it on (A wordpress site) and every time I click on my own ads, I get paid by google…………..just a thought.

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