A Shift in Palestine?

The War Works Hard
How magnificent the war is!
How eager
and efficient!
Early in the morning,
it wakes up the sirens
and dispatches ambulances
to various places,
swings corpses through the air,
rolls stretchers to the wounded,
summons rain
from the eyes of mothers,
digs into the earth
dislodging many things
from under the ruins . . .
2000, Dunya Mikhail
From: The War Works Hard
Publisher: Al-Mada, 2000

A shift may be coming from Palestine.

If the leader of the Palestinian Authority (PA), Mahmoud Abbas, can’t negotiate an end to Israeli settlements being built how can there be peace?

I heard a news item on the ABC early this morning (23 September 2010) about an incident in Quds (Jerusalem).

Israeli security guards shot a Palestinian man dead after an altercation with settlers.

Friends visiting Palestine have witnessed such arguments with settlers happening all the time.

After the Palestinian man, a father of three children, was murdered people threw stones at the guards.

Stones versus guns, still.

A Palestinian in Brisbane described the events thus:

… a young Palestinian guy from Quds (Jerusalem) on his way to the mosque to pray at dawn was shot dead and 3 other mates severely wounded by settlers attacking his field. The same way other settlers ( …. settlers ….. what a lovely word….), ruined a grape field few days ago in Khalil (Abraham) city, and other settlers stole olive produce OFF TREES in Nabilus couple of weeks ago (they actually picked the bloody olives off!!!) among hundreds of other similar DOCUMENTED incidents taking place every single year, 63 years running, where no one ever gets prosecuted, or (when they do) ever convicted.

Yet the media still wish to counterpose every act of Israeli brutality and inhumanity with an act of violence by Palestinians no matter how small.

Western press councils are asked to view balanced media reports as anti-semitic.

Another intifada may come – it depends how exhausted Palestinians in the west bank are.

From my own experience of struggle, Palestinians will try.

People worldwide must help prevent the Palestinian authority from selling out – how else can their people achieve freedom from Israeli apartheid?

Thanks to RB and JM for bringing this to my attention.

Ian Curr
September 2010


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