Seminar, Poster Exhibition, Film – A Victory for all Humanity – Vietnam 1965-1975

Some lessons should never be forgotten…….

Vietnam 1965-1975

Seminar – Poster exhibition – Film

1pm Saturday September 18
(cheap Vietnamese meal from 12.30pm)

2010 is an important anniversary year for many events in Vietnam’s history – the 35th anniversary of the final liberation and reunification of the country; the 65th anniversary of Vietnamese independence; the 80th anniversary of the foundation of the Indochinese Communist Party. In Australia it’s the 45th anniversary of the first demonstrations against the war in Vietnam, and the 40th anniversary of the big Moratorium demonstrations.

The poster exhibition accompanying the seminar includes 80 posters from the antiwar campaign, demo posters, and about 40 reprints of Vietnamese posters, as well as badges, pamphlets and magazines.

The seminar will have presentations and discussions on:
* 1. Vietnam’s long struggle for liberation;
* 2. The Australian campaign against the war in Vietnam;
* 3. Vietnam Today — Reconstruction and Solidarity.

Speakers include:

Jon Lamb – long time activist in solidarity with the peoples of Asia and member of the Revolutionary Socialist Party.

Bob Anderson – former Queensland organiser of the Building Workers’ Industrial Union from 1963-1977 (The BWIU took a strong anti-war stance throughout the Vietnam War) and an elder of the Mulgumpin people.

John Percy – was an activist in the Sydney Vietnam Action Campaign and founding member of the socialist youth organisation, Resistance and is the National Secretary of the Revolutionary Socialist Party.

Ian Curr – former Brisbane university student active against the war in Vietnam, editor of the online news service Workers Bush Telegraph and member of LeftPress.

Hamish Chitts – anti-war activist, East Timor veteran and one of the founders of Stand Fast, a group of veterans and formerly military personnel against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and a member of the Revolutionary Socialist Party.

The afternoon will be finished off with the 1978 documentary by John Pilger, “Do You Remember Vietnam”.

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Sponsored by the Revolutionary Socialist Party and Direct Action

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