The September 1st Meeting of the 17 Group

The What Now After This? — reflection on the election meeting of the 17 Group.

Discussion on the present and future of politics in Australia led by a panel of three (Drew Hutton, Sam Watson and Tony Reeves) from Green, Socialist and traditional Labourist perspectives.

On Wednesday the 1st of September at 7pm in unit 6 at 20 Drury St, West End.

Brief summaries:


Someone once asked me what proportion of the population you would need to begin achieving significant political change in a political democracy. Without too much thought I said “15% as long as they are a thoughtful minority that knows what it wants and how to go about getting it.” The Greens after the recent election are now close to that figure and are close to exercising real political power. The question, however, remains: do they really know what they want and how they will achieve it?


“As the smoke settles and the bodies counted and the blame game begins, those people who were on the margins before the 21st. are still there and they will continue to stay there in the ghettoes of the great Australian heartland because they have no real political value. They are just not on the radar of the mainstream political machines and they have nothing more to trade. The national political leadership of the Aboriginal tribal networks are now looking at all the options and the younger Blacks are getting angrier and more frustrated. This current landscape is becoming more volatile and more dangerous and the question that needs to be asked is how close are we to our own “Wounded Knee?!”


The Australian Labor Party has lost its way, lost its soul and lost its history and lost its long-standing obligation to ensure looking after the interests the people at the “lower end” is its highest priority. The party was hi-jacked, deliberately taken off course, and has remained lost, undecided about how far to the Right it can go without alienating even the most “rusted on” Labor voters. What has gone wrong — and more importantly, what should happen now — is a subject that requires debate.
Tony Reeves, Vice-President, South Brisbane Branch of the ALP.

Irredeemably electoralist morass muttered Trotsky as he left, leaving no contact address.

Unless you happen to know where he is and can argue him round with dual power themes, just come on your own or with your friends.

Dan O’Neill

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