Greens beat Labor in remote Central Australia

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Below is a media release from the NT Greens about the clear vote against the NTER in Central Australia.

Sorry if there was confusion from my previous email which ended up being circulated quite widely. This does NOT mean that the Greens have
won the seat of Lingiari. Votes from Aboriginal communities in Central Australia constitute less than 15% of the Lingiari vote.

Crucially, this is the region where Barb has played a prominent leadership role in a grass-roots campaign against the Intervention and
has built up a profile and support networks on this basis over the past 3 years. The Greens backed Barb and her stance, making the
election essentially a referendum on the Intervention in these communities.

In the town of Alice Springs, Barb also did well, polling 22% at the Alice Springs Civic Centre and consistently above 14% across the town.

Results across the whole of Lingiari included in the release.

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Media Release
Greens beat Labor in remote Central Australia

Greens candidates for both Lingiari and the Senate have clearly outpolled Labor in remote Central Australian communities this
election, in a shock swing that condemns the NT Intervention.

A tally of all remote teams south of Tennant Creek shows that for the seat of Lingiari, Greens candidate Barbara Shaw received 905 votes to
Warren Snowdon’s 840. In the Senate Warren H Williams received 998 votes to Labor’s 941. See below for a summary of remote and mobile
Central Australian polling team results.

In the 2007 election, the Greens did not poll above 4 per cent in the House of Reps across any of these remote regions. In some cases,
swings to the Greens have been greater than 40 per cent. While Warren Snowdon has retained his seat, across Lingiari, the primary vote swing against Labor was 13.3%. Following distribution of preferences, Minister Snowdon is facing a 6.7% swing, meaning his once safe seat is now be considered marginal.

“These results show a deep hostility to the NT Intervention, the Shire takeover and nuclear projects planned for Aboriginal land. They
reflect support for the campaigns demanding an end to the Intervention and investment in jobs, services and community development which the
Greens have vocally supported”, said Barbara Shaw, Greens candidate for Lingiari.

“These communities have been betrayed by Warren Snowdon. In 2007 he received 90 per cent of the remote vote, as people reeled from
Howard’s Intervention and responded to Snowdon’s promise to defend the Community Development Employment Program (CDEP)”, continued Ms Shaw.
“But Labor has made things worse. We have lost thousands of jobs as the old CDEP closes down. Snowdon’s new CDEP is forcing people to work
for the BasicsCard. We are struggling for our survival, as both federal and NT Labor governments withdraw resources from the smaller
communities they’ve deemed ‘unviable'”.

“Aboriginal people have told the Labor government time and time again we want the Intervention to stop. Struggling people need support not
punishment. But Labor are wasting another $350 million of taxpayers money on the expansion of Income Management across the NT, when it
could be invested in creating real jobs and social services. The roll out of the Income Management changes must stop”.
“The Labor government has tried to whitewash the outcome ofconsultations with Aboriginal people in remote communities over the
Intervention. We have called for change at every opportunity, but we have been ignored. With these results, Minister Snowdon must listen to
the remote voters of the NT or risk losing his seat at the next election”.

“People living in Prescribed Areas in the NT have spoken out clearly this election. With nine Greens Senators in parliament and a lower
house seat, our message will now carry down to Canberra. We are more inspired than ever to build a grass-roots movement opposing the
Intervention, that no government or Minister can ignore”, concluded Ms Shaw.

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