Greens support Asylum Seekers

[Editor’s Note: The campaign gets more filthy… Abbott’s ‘stop the boats’ … Gillard’s attacks on building workers  & offshore asylum seeker  processing in East Timor … Rudd’s rivers of bile in Griffith … and now Murdoch & Fairfax have come for Bob Brown to force him to lower company tax if the Greens win the balance of power in the Senate. Bob Brown who would know or care little about what companies actually pay in tax (he would know they don’t pay very much). In the end Australia either adopts John Howard’s policy to stop the refugees or let’s them all come. There is no middle ground. I am for letting refugees into Australia. Ian Curr, Aug 2010]


Dear All,

To those who were concerned at some media reports-

Senator Bob Brown was mis-reported at the Greens Launch Today- the Greens do not support Off Shore Processing Centres.

The Greens Refugee policy states clearly that they would close the failed Christmas Island detention centre in favour of community reception centres based in mainland cities.

The Greens remain the only party not in favor of Off Shore Processing and this position is in line with Amnesty, the Uniting Church and many other human rights organisations.

See Below Greens Policy

Pamela Curr
Campaign Coordinator
Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
12 Batman Street, Melbourne
ph 0393266066 / 0417517075

FACT: Australia June 2010 – 561 CHILDREN IN DETENTION

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