Socialists launch their election campaign at the Lizard, West End

Sam Watson speaks at launch of his Senate Campaign August 2010

Photo: Sam Watson Speaks at campaign launch

The last Aboriginal Rights Coalition meeting recognised the call from the Defending Indigenous Rights convergence held in Alice Springs July 6 – 9 calling on campaign groups to support Aboriginal candidates who support the aims of the convergence. Responding to this call, the Brisbane Aboriginal Rights Coalition endorsed Brisbane Aboriginal leader and Qld Senate candidate Sam Watson’s campaign. Sam will again be standing for the Socialist Alliance.

Sam said that Aboriginal people don’t have another three years (the electoral cycle) he argued that we need to take control of the process of government in our own hands. Sam has been a cornerstone of the Aboriginal struggle not just in Qld but nationally, and has been instrumental in keeping the pressure on the State Government in relation to the police murder of Mulrunji in 2004 and maintaining the campaign for justice for Mulrunji and family. He is an example of genuine leadership and puts the Noel Pearson’s of this country to absolute shame. (In fact Sam led a protest outside Pearson’s last visit to Brisbane!)

Info call Ewan 0401 234 610

Hamish Chitts speaks at the Lizard in West End about Afghanistan War

Photo: Hamish Chitts candidate for Griffith speaks out against the war in Afghanistan.

Hamish Chitts says that many working people in this country are fed up with Labor and Liberal, and the parliamentary system that guarantees the privileges of the corporate rich and perpetuates social inequality and discrimination. The Revolutionary Socialist Party believe that we need to bring working people of all colours together in solidarity and… (read more)




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