Radio National this Saturday

Saturday 31, 2010

THE MUSIC SHOW with Andrew Ford – Toying with the rules of music genres
10am, repeat 8pm

Popular bands of today toy with the rules of their particular music genres. Glam electro pop of Scissor Sisters found huge audiences for the Brooklyn band anywhere but home and London folk darlings Mumford and Sons appear to be spearheading a musical revolution that values the banjo over electric guitar.

THE SCIENCE SHOW with Robyn Williams – Moving the elephants
Midday, repeat Monday 7pm

If climate is really changing so much that thousands of species will lose their home territories, is it feasible to move them? Even elephants? The Science Show examines the needs and possibilities of an Ark for 2010.

ALL IN THE MIND with Natasha Mitchell – Stories from inside the asylum (part 3 of 3): Up the Line to Goodna
1pm, repeat Monday 1pm

In 1977 the first patient advocacy service in the confines of an Australian psychiatric hospital opened. Part advocate & part whistle-blower, Nadia Beer was there from the start at Queensland’s Goodna Hospital.
Join presenter Natasha Mitchell in the All in the Mind blog.

THE PHILOSOPHER’S ZONE with Alan Saunders – Philosophy’s mystery man
1.30pm, repeat Monday 1.35pm

According to some commentators, there was a mysterious, dark presence lurking behind the Bush administration. Leo Strauss, professor of political science is this man and we see if he was really as dark a figure as all that?

360documentaries with Brent Clough – Weeds etc
2pm, repeat Wednesday 1pm

What is a weed? For writer Noëlle Janaczewska, the definition of ‘a plant growing in the wrong place’ is only part of the story. In Weeds Etc. Noëlle explores our interactions with weeds on public and private land, in courtrooms, kitchens, myth and fiction.

POETICA with Mike Ladd – The Mother Workshops
3pm, repeat Thursday 3pm

Jeri Kroll’s suite of poems about her relationship with her ageing mother.

with Beth Yahp – Cuba
4pm, repeat Sunday 6am

A journey through love, music, poetry and immigration authorities. We begin with a transatlantic love affair which blossoms when a Dutchman falls in love with a Cuban woman and the search for El Poeta, Jose Armando Fernandez Cuba’s leading poet.

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