Refugee Afghanistan war logs: Kabul – inciting ethnic violence

This comes from a friend in Kabul.

Last night Emruz TV in Kabul broadcast a sermon by Mullah Mir Farooq Hussaini in which he stated that:

– Shias are worse than infidels

– Shias are the enemies of Islam

– Shias should not be in the parliament, we must not elect them

– At the time when the Mujahedin took Kabul in 1992 he claimed to have seen 20 [shipping] containers full of women’s breasts which he claims
Shia people in Ghazni were distributing as ‘presents’.

This programme was aired on Emruz TV on 24 July 2010 8-9pm.

HAZARAS are Shia Muslims- anti Shia propanganda and violence is directed at Hazaras.

Actually these types of ethnic violence inciting programmes are on the increase in Afghanistan….

Pamela Curr


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