Both MPs Pyne and Morrison are running a rehersed line on Nauru claiming that within 10 days of the Howard announcement of Nauru as a refugee dumping ground in 2001 that it was up and running.
Please note that this involved putting up timber skeletons and then stapling black plastic to the frames. Nauru is on the Equator, hot and humid- plastic wrapped shelters exacerbated extreme discomfort. water flush toilets were installed but there was no water to flush them Children became sick with diarrohea and skin conditions in the heat, flies and poor sanitary conditions.
Do not let the Liberals whitewash the appalling conditions in which they dumped human beings in 2001.

Nauru, bankrupt and corrupt with its population of less than 10,000 people was overweeningly compliant. They said that no violence was to be used in removing people from the boats to Nauru, They then joined Minister Ruddock in saying that everyone had disembarked voluntarily. This was despite media photographs illustrating that 10 men were physically dragged and carried off the boat.

Nauru complied with Australian government requests in stopping doctors, lawyers and church representatives from going to Nauru even when there was extreme distress among the asylum seekers. None went in unless the Australian government approved. Of course the LIBERAL PARTY would want to see Nauru reinstated.

Nauru cost ONE BILLION DOLLARS to incarcerate 1500 people for up to 4 years. Two men were left on Nauru because ASIO gave them an adverse security assessment. Then when one of these men became so ill that his life was in danger , he was transferred to Australia and ASIO reversed the security assessment. he lives peacefully in Australia today. The other man eventually found refuge in Sweden where unsurprisingly he too is living peacefully. This makes a mockery of ASIO adverse security assessments when used for political purposes.
This report by Oxfam ‘A Price Too High: The cost of Australia’s approach to Asylum Seekers, outlines the financial , moral and health costs of the Pacific Solution.

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