Don’t Jail Ark – Watch Video, Sign Petition

On June 15th, Ark Tribe went back to court at Adelaide Magistrates Court.

Where will you be?

For the past 12 months many of you have been following his case, and now the time for his trial has come.

Don’t Jail Ark – Sign the petition

Here’s your chance to see what Ark’s lawyer, Steven Dolphin, has to say about the landmark industrial case that he has been fighting. The first case of its kind, that will test the laws under the Building and Improvement Act.

Most people are horrified to find out there is no right to silence in the laws that underpin the ABCC.

There is the possibility that an ordinary worker will go to jail. This is something that all working Australians need to be mindful of.

Sign the Don’t Jail Ark petition and send it to your mates.

We want Ark to walk into court next week knowing that over 5000 people have signed the petition Don’t Jail Ark. Help us reach the target.

Sign the petition – Don’t Jail Ark

Justice for one; One law for all.

Dave Noonan and the Rights on Site Team

One thought on “Don’t Jail Ark – Watch Video, Sign Petition

  1. A call just to vote Labor is a high risk strategy says:

    Workers are being threatened, others are losing their lives. So far the call has been to rely on the Labor Party to get rid of the ABCC and to restore safety to the buidling industry. Yet Labor has allowed the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) to use the Federal Magistrates court to attack BLF organiser, Kane Pearson, for doing what a union organiser should, protecting union members on the job.

    Kane Pearson went protect the health and safety of workers on site at Stage 1 of ‘River Point Apartments’ on 55 Forbes Street West End, Brisbane.

    The ‘River Point Apartments’ are near the aboriginal Sorry Place at Kurilpa (the aboriginal term for the area meaning the home of the water rats). Earlier in 2010, at the Sorry Place, we could hear hear the sounds of grinding and machine tools coming from the 55 Forbes Street construction during the peaceful memorial service for Ruby Hunter.

    Such apartments are an ugly reminder of the wider push by developers and government to increase housing density in the West End/ South Brisbane area and to bring in high mortgage, high rise residential buildings as a dormitory for CBD workers and their professional overseers. The current projections by government are to house approximately 33,000 residents and 72,000 workers by 2031. Currently (2010) about 8,000 people live in the area.

    The ABCC has a number of actions against local building unions and their organisers in the BLF & CFMEU. They centre around limiting entry to building sites by union organisers, they are a limit to the right of a union to organise. The ABCC uses the Fair Work Australia Act and the Building & Construction Improvements Act to repress the right to organise in the construction industry. This may well be one contributor to the downturn in industrial disputes in the building industry shown in recent Bureau of Stats figures shown in the graph below.

    Another factor in the decline may well be the global economic stagnation that has occurred since 2006/07. The capitalists know that without growth profits will fall hence they repress workers and build more mortgage belts in and around Brisbane. They are supported in doing this by government at all levels. The union is a fetter to their progress because it demands health & safety, wages & conditions for their members.

    The pressure is on management to release the fetters and improve growth, otherwise profits and its parent capitalism is at risk.

    Ian Curr
    July 2010


    Accept the IR legislation and the current system — Reform the laws through parliament ?

    Wide awake — the rise of union solidarity

    Industrial Disputes Mar 2010 ABS
    Decline in industrial dispute in the building industry 2006-2010.

    “The union does antagonise, and strives to abolish many things that are, and advocates and tries to inaugurate changes which should, and will, be made in the future.” — B. A. (Ben) Mulvogue, Secretary, Builders’ Labourers’ Union (Victoria), Builders’ Labourers’ News, 24 December 1915.

    Kane Pearson - BLF organises photo shoot at building site at waterfront place, BrisbaneHumphrey McQueen speaks with BLF members at building site at waterfront place, Brisbane about his book on Health & Safety – Frameworks of Flesh

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