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Justice for Palestine: A call for a national Australian BDS conference

Hi everyone

Please find below a call to action for a national Australian BDS conference to be held in October 2010 in Melbourne.

If you would like to endorse the call (individuals and groups/organisations welcome), help out with organising the conference or find out more, please contact us at ausbds@gmail.com

Phil Monsour

Building Solidarity,

Combating Occupation and Apartheid

A call for a

national Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions conference

Melbourne, 29 – 31 October 2010

– activism in support of Palestine –

As supporters of the Palestinian struggle for justice and self-determination, we have come together to initiate a call for a two and half day, national Australian BDS conference to be held in Melbourne on October 29- 31, 2010.

Over the two and half days of the conference, we hope to bring together people from all over Australia, who are already active in the Palestine solidarity movement, as well as anyone who is interested in learning more about BDS and the Palestinian struggle for self-determination and justice.

Plenaries will address the history of civil resistance and boycotts, including an analysis of apartheid in South Africa and Palestine; colonialism in Australia and Palestine; and lessons from Palestine solidarity work internationally. In addition, there will be workshops and strategy sessions focused on the development of a national BDS network and campaign in Australia, including strategy sessions focused on developing the involvement of the Union and Labour movement, Student and Campus groups, Community and Faith based groups and art and cultural groups in the campaign; as well as also developing research and media groups to support the campaign.

Background information:

In 2005, Palestinian civil society, including more than 171 Palestinian organisations, political parties, trade unions, associations, coalitions, initiated a Boycott, Sanctions and Divestment (BDS) campaign against Israel. Inspired by the struggle of South Africans against apartheid, the Palestinian-initiated BDS campaign is conducted in the framework of international solidarity and resistance to injustice and oppression and calls for non-violent punitive measures to be maintained until Israel meets its obligation to recognise the Palestinian people’s inalienable right to self-determination and fully complies with international law.

Over the past five years, the Palestinian BDS campaign against Israel has gone from strength to strength internationally, with trade unions, student groups and other sectors of the community announcing support for the campaign. However, in Australia, the campaign is still in its infancy.

In 2009, millions of ordinary people in Australia, and around the world, protested in condemnation of Israel’s brutal all-out bombing of 1.5 million Palestinian civilians residing in the open-air prison know as the Gaza Strip. In the past few weeks, we have again seen hundreds of thousands of people around the world take to the streets to protest Israel’s murderous attacks on the international humanitarian flotilla on May 31st, which was carrying 700 human rights activists who were attempting to break Israel’s illegal siege of Gaza, and deliver more than 10,000 tonnes of much needed humanitarian aid. Israel’s pre-mediated violent attack on the flotilla left 9 international human rights activists dead and dozens more wounded.

Israel continues to carry out its siege and occupation of Gaza and illegal occupation of East Jerusalem and the West Bank. As the BDS campaign continues to grow in leaps in bounds internationally, it is time for supporters of human rights and justice in Australia to come together as part of a national campaign in support of BDS and the Palestinian people.

We hope that you will join us in October for Australia’s first national BDS conference in support of the Palestinian struggle for self-determination and justice.

To endorse this call or to help with the organising of the conference, please contact us at: ausbds@gmail.com

Or visit our blog at: http://australianbdscampaign.wordpress.com/

Signatories: (organisations for identification purposes only)

Julia Terreu (Adelaide)

Action for Palestine

Independent radio broadcaster

Phil Monsour (Brisbane)

Musician and Activist.

Union Aid Abroad APHEDA Middle East Study Tour 2010 delegate for the Queensland Teachers Union

Kim Bullimore (Melbourne)

Volunteer, International Women’s Peace Service in Palestine

Independent journalist and writer on the Israel-Palestine conflict

Sarah Haynes (Perth)

Treasurer, Friends of Palestine (Western Australia)

Rachel Johnson (Sydney)

Volunteer, International Solidarity Movement, Palestine.

Don’t Jail Ark – Watch Video, Sign Petition

On June 15th, Ark Tribe went back to court at Adelaide Magistrates Court.

Where will you be?

For the past 12 months many of you have been following his case, and now the time for his trial has come.

Don’t Jail Ark – Sign the petition

Here’s your chance to see what Ark’s lawyer, Steven Dolphin, has to say about the landmark industrial case that he has been fighting. The first case of its kind, that will test the laws under the Building and Improvement Act.

Most people are horrified to find out there is no right to silence in the laws that underpin the ABCC.

There is the possibility that an ordinary worker will go to jail. This is something that all working Australians need to be mindful of.

Sign the Don’t Jail Ark petition and send it to your mates.

We want Ark to walk into court next week knowing that over 5000 people have signed the petition Don’t Jail Ark. Help us reach the target.

Sign the petition – Don’t Jail Ark

Justice for one; One law for all.

Dave Noonan and the Rights on Site Team


Red Thread reading group

Hi to all

I thought some of you might be interested in this:

The next meeting of the Red Thread reading group, at the usual venue, King Ahiram’s – the Lebanese café in Vulture St, near the corner with Boundary St, West End.

Contact: Dan O’Neill or David Eden

Here is the full reading list.

New members are welcome.

Ideology: Ideas, Action and Material Reality

Week 1
1) Marx
A Contribution to the Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right. Introduction (1943-4)
The German Ideology – Feuerbach. Opposition of The Materialist and Idealist Outlook. Sections A B C D

Week 2
2) Marx
Balibar, Etienne The Philosophy of Marx Chapter 3 Ideology or Fetishism: Power or Subjection
Capital Vol. 1 Chapter 1: The Commodity 4. The Fetishism of the Commodity and its Secret

Week 3
What is to be done?

Week 4
Lukacs History and Class Consciousness: Studies in Marxist Dialectics Class Consciousness , Reification and the Consciousness of the Proletariat

Week 5
Gramsci – Selections from The Prison Notebooks

Week 6
Adorno “The Scheme of Mass Culture” & “Culture Industry Reconsidered”

Week 7
Benjamin “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction”

Week 8
Debord Society of the Spectacle

Week 9
The Sociology of Marx Chapter 2 The Marxian Concept of Praxis Chapter 3 Ideology and the Sociology of Knowledge

Week 10
Mao “On Practice” & “On Contradiction”

Week 11
Althusser “Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses” & “Marxism and Humanism”

Week 12
Foucault “Truth and Power” & “Subjectivity and Truth”

Week 13
Deleuze “Many Politics”

Week 14
Irigary “The Sex that is not One” & “Psychoanalytical Theory: Another Look Haraway “The Cyborg Manifesto”

Week 15
Zizek ‘Chapter 1: How did Marx invent the Symptom’ in The Sublime Object of Ideology & “Between Symbolic Fiction and Fantasmic Spectre: Towards a Lacanian Theory of Ideology.