Vigils, Gallipoli Barracks, Thursday afternoons.

Hi friends and comrades,

A message from Merv Langford who was closely involved in organising the community vigils in Brisbane during the Israeli assault on Gaza last year.

Ross Gwyther

Friends, for some years there has been a vigil / protest held (almost) weekly on Wardell St, Enoggera – near the corner of Lloyd St. This is the last intersection closest to the main entrance to Gallipoli Barracks.

As I understand it, it came out of both the Quakers (Religious Society of Friends) and the Catholic Worker movements – both groups with long traditions of anti-war actions. It has been very focused on both the Afghan and Iraqi wars.

And with the barracks’ being a last jumping off point for Australian troops heading to the Middle East, focusing on this is very appropriate. Sometimes we even have the pleasure of fit looking young men with “short, back and sides” wandering along to set us straight. Explaining why “we” have to kill people in Afghanistan and Iraq to keep Australia “safe”, of course.

On rarer occasions, worried looking young women – with young children –
stand on the other side of the road and watch these men passing on to us what they have obviously been told – in their classrooms at the barracks.

However, we have mainly been making our point to the passing commuters with placards – and it is a fairly busy road.

In discussions with some of the recent attendees, it seemed best to spread the word to a wider circle of peace activists so as to increase the numbers of possible participants – and so help increase the impact of what we are doing.

Consequently, Thursday afternoon has been made the afternoon of choice.

I would like to invite all anti-war activists to keep in mind what you are doing on Thursday afternoons and see if you can include becoming a regular placard waver, as part of your day —4pm – 5pm Thursdays, Wardell St, Enoggera, close to Lloyd St (the intersection where the Matilda servo is). Easy parking in Lloyd St.

Please pass this info on to your friends. Look forward to seeing you there,


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