Justice for Mulrunji: Rally at Parliament House

The Next rally will be held at Parliament house after the Crime & Misconduct Report [CMC] report is handed down.

The CMC is likely to release its investigation report into policesometime in the week commencing 24 May 2010

A notice will be sent out for the rally.


On Wednesday 19th May 2010 about 200 people listened at one time or another over 2 hours to speakers concern that justice is yet to be done for Mulrunji, his family and Palm Islanders.

Many petitions were signed which will be presented to the speaker of the parliament tomorrow. Yet Police wanted Sam Watson to apply for a permit for the gathering.

Speakers came from a range of Murri and non-indigenous groups. The media came and went except for Murri journo from the Courier Mail, Mahalia from Lismore. Mahalia stayed to the end to interview Les Malezer from FAIRA.

Aboriginal elders spoke.

Representatives from the Greens, from ANTaR, and from the Socialist Alliance all supported Sam Watson’s call for Police Commissioner Atkinson to be sacked and Hurley and his police mates to be charged and dimissed from the police force.

Click below to listen to Adrian Burrugubba at Mulrunji speak-out at parliament:

Part One

Part Two

Ian Curr
19 May 2010




AT 12 Noon

ON Wednesday 19TH of MAY 2010

On 15 may 2010, the coroner handed down
more findings
of how Mulrunji died.

The Coroner  says that Hurley lied.

He says that police covered-up.

Yet there is still no justice for Mulrunji

Deaths in custody continue

Lex Wotton is still in jail






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  1. Photos of the speak-out by Ted says:

    Thanks to Ted Rethmuller from the Brisbane Labour History Association for the photos below from the Justice for Mulrunji rally at Parliament House. More photos can be seen at http://www.flickr.com/photos/indigenous_struggle/ Ted has a whole archive of photos from labour and social justice movements spanning many years.

    Note from Ted

    You may view the photos here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/indigenous_struggle/
    They are low resolution but if you require any of them for reproduction, Let me know.
    Best of luck,

    Adrian Burrugubba speaks out at Justice for Mulrunji Rally
    Adrian Burrugubba speaks out at Justice for Mulrunji Rally

    Katy - President of ANTaR

    Katy – President of ANTaR

    Aboriginal Elder

    Aboriginal Elder

    Andrew Bartlett from the Greens

    Andrew Bartlett from the Greens

    Jim, Connie and Ewan from the Socialist Alliance

    Jim, Connie and Ewan from the Socialist Alliance

    Sam Watson - community worker

    Sam Watson – community worker & Socialist Alliance candidate

    Monique Bond from ANTaR

    Monique Bond from ANTaR

    Ian Curr from Workers BushTelegraph

    Ian Curr – Editor, Workers BushTelegraph

  2. 'Deep South Justice in the Red Centre' says:

    I recommend an article written by Chris Graham in the National indigenous Times called ‘Deep South Justice in the Red Centre’.

    Ian Curr
    May 2010

    THE BIG READ: Deep South justice in the Red Centre
    Thursday, 13 May 2010

    When five young white men bashed an Aboriginal man to death in Alice Springs in July 2009, the victim’s family was told to trust the white man’s justice system. CHRIS GRAHAM analyses yet another outrage from the Deep South of Central Australia…READ MORE

    Kwementyaye Ryder

    Kwementyaye Ryder
    Excerpts from Chris Grahan’s article

    Chief Justice Brian Martin – the head of the Supreme Court in the Northern Territory – was hearing a case of an Aboriginal man involved in an assault. He opened fire on Aboriginal people, and in particular on ‘payback’ – the system of justice which has served the black population for thousands of years.

    This particular attack, however, stung, because a week later, Chief Justice Martin presided over the sentencing of the Ryder killers.

    “Mr Kloeden, I pause in this sequence to observe that there is nothing in the material before me to suggest that anyone in the car suggested that you drive at or close to either camp. Nor did they do or say anything to encourage such driving. This was your decision alone….”

    A group of young men repeatedly kick a defenceless Aboriginal man in the head – at least three times – while he lies on the ground offering no resistance. Another man smashes him over the head with a bottle. And yet none of them intended to cause serious harm?

    The fifth offender, Scott Doody, got just 12 months, the same jail time handed down to two black men who stole $23 worth of biscuits from a multi-billion dollar mining company on Christmas Day.

    And the Ryder family?

    They got life.

    * Chris Graham is the former editor of the National Indigenous Times. After nine years with the paper, this is his final feature for NIT.

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