Australians for Palestine are back online


It has taken one week to get back online after our website was hacked and brought down. We lost 24 hours of postings prior to the hacking of 7 May 2010 on top of the week in which we were unable to post any updates. We will endeavour to put up articles and news released over that time, but our priority is to get the latest information up. Unfortunately, we are likely to have lost a lot of visitors so we hope that you will spread the news and let everyone know that we are continuing as robustly as before.

Our thanks go to all our supporters who have written in to tell us just how valuable they find the information provided in our one-stop-shop on Palestine. We literally received hundreds of emails from around the world which means we must be doing something right. Thanks also to bloggers and other websites that kept telling their followers about the status of our website.

We have been told that this is likely to happen again, but as virulent as the attacks might be, we are making sure that it will become harder and harder for them to succeed. One thing is for sure, truth will not be silenced and with or without our website, the myths and lies of the Zionist narrative will continue to be exposed by more and more people wanting to bring justice to the Palestinians. It is appropriate that our return to providing a voice for Palestine should coincide with the worldwide remembrances of the nakba, the very real human catastrophe that happened 62 years ago and and is every bit as real today as it was then.

To all supporters of Israel who wish for an end to the Palestinian memory, we say that will never ever happen. Hack us, attacks us, close us down, you will not succeed. Always someone somewhere is keeping the Palestinian memory alive and none more fervently and steadfastly than the 9 million Palestinians in and around Israel. To them we pay eternal tribute for what they are enduring under the yoke of Israel occupation, apartheid, siege, dispossession, displacement, ethnic cleansing. We will not give up the struggle. Viva Palestina!

Sonja Karkar

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