Free Lex Wotton!

“We can empower the community to lift itself up.
In order to empower the community, you have to educate them.”

– Lex Wotton

Free Lex Wotton NOW!

[ Editor’s Note: Lex goes before the parole board some time in the next couple of weeks, sometime between 2 — 14 May 2010]

Readers may recall that when Lex was sentenced Judge Shanahan set a fixed parole date for  July 2010. The parole board will probably meet soon to determine if Lex is to be released on that fixed date in July. All efforts must be made to have the parole board release Lex.

Two Murri comrades have lost nephew’s recently.

Both died in custody.

Australia-wide there have been 7 deaths in custody between 14 Feb and 2 May 2010.

And they say Australia has a good human rights record.

More like a custodial killing field.

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