Petition to the Queensland Parliament about Murri Flag


TO: The Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly  of Queensland

The petition of residents of the State of Queensland draws to the attention of the House the inherent rights and human rights of the Aboriginal Peoples of Australia and the status of the Aboriginal flag, being a flag belonging to Aboriginal Peoples and the widely-recognised symbol of the Aboriginal Peoples sovereignty.

Your petitioners therefore request the House to:

1. Respect to the Aboriginal flag as the representation of the sovereign rights of the Aboriginal Peoples; and

2. Legislate into the laws of Queensland the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as soon as possible and without diminution of those rights; and

3. Return all the lands, territories and resources that have traditionally belonged to the Aboriginal Peoples except those lands, territories and resources which are otherwise compensated in accordance with the requirements of the Aboriginal Peoples; and

4. Remedy past wrongs and injustices against the Aboriginal peoples through independent and impartial adjudication; and

5. Reject any and all amendments to the Queensland Constitution relating to the Aboriginal Peoples which do not uphold the rights of the Aboriginal Peoples and which have not received the prior, informed consent of the Aboriginal Peoples; and

6. Finance and fully support Aboriginal political development, including self-determination through self-governance, as is the inherent right of the Aboriginal Peoples and as has been consistently and deliberately denied to them since colonisation in 1859.

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4 thoughts on “Petition to the Queensland Parliament about Murri Flag

  1. Lachlan Hurse says:

    I fully support this petition. For a start, the Government should repay the Stolen Wages.

  2. I can’t understand the need for Australia to have two flags. My confusion begins with the fact that I have clearly worked under the mis-apprehension that we are all Australians – all one people.

    Point 1 requires the goverment to “Respect to the Aboriginal flag as the representation of the sovereign rights of the Aboriginal Peoples”. The term Sovereign rights means the Murris have their own State or Nation – separate from other Australians. This is not inclusive language. In fact it could be construed as racism – even apartheid.

    Point 3 demands the “Return all the lands, territories and resources that have traditionally belonged to the Aboriginal Peoples…”. Are other Australians to be banished? Where are they all to go?

  3. Michael,

    Aboriginal sovereignty is not about creating a new black state/nation but about acknowledging the reality of the pre-existing sovereign nation.

    The separate state/colony is that which was established in 1788 and has been extremely racist and exclusive.

    It is very limited thinking to assume that non-Aboriginal Australians should/would be banished if Aboriginal sovereignty was acknowledged, although there is no doubt that in the guerrilla wars of the 18th and 19th centuries this was the foreign policy of the sovereign nation – resistance to foreign invasion.

    However today, words like reconciliation and treaty accompany most discussion of sovereignty, whereby a new relationship with traditional owners is established based on truth (rather than lies of terra nullius and racial superiority).

    Leaving the country may be an option for some, and the answer to “where will they go?” might be to return to the land of their own dreaming and ancestors. But for those of us who for whatever reason appear to be staying, we are confronted with a choice as to how we manifest our lifetime here – Do we cling to historical lies and accept or ignore the continuing genocide of Aboriginal people by way of dysfunctional mainstream responses to disadvantage?

    Or do we accept the truth of history which includes a/ a pre-existing sovereign nation which has not been totally genocided yet and b/ The bloody and illegal (even by British and international law of the time) process that enabled crown sovereignty to become the law of this land?

    Once a person has confronted these questions there are all sorts of responses but the basic first step is to confront the real questions in a spirit of truth – something “Australia” and most Australians have not done yet.

  4. John,

    By a group having their own flag they are setting themselves apart from the rest of the nation. Look up the meaning of apartheid. It’s not only a defunct regime, it’s the Dutch term meaning ‘apartness’.

    And how is it limited thinking to expect people to be displaced when the petition clearly asks for land to be given back. What about average Australians with mortgages? Arte they expected to just give it away? Do you awn property, and if so will you give it away? I’ve seen no explanation of how this re-distribution of wealth will take place.

    You acknowledge a racist and exclusive separate state/colony established in 1788. How does this petition distinguish itself from the same properties. Surely it is time to break the cycle – not simply reverse it, and could you please let me know what ‘historical lies’ I have told?

    Reconcilliation can’t be one sided. An apology was asked for, and was received. If your argument is then to be that it took too long to happen and blah blah blah, then you admit that the apology was never going to be accepted. How can we be reconciled if we have two flags. We don’t see flags representing Ireland, Germany, China or any of the other thirty odd countries that have made up the Australian population since the Eureka Stockade, or countless others since flying over Parliament House, or draped over the shoulders of our successful athletes at the Commonwealth or Olympic Games – and lets face it, many of our top sports people are recent immigrants to Australia.

    It is also interesting that you think people can just go back to where their ancestors are from. As I am (like many Australians) from a mixed heritage including German, French, Jewish, but mainly Irish and English, where do you suggest I go? As a 3rd generation Australian, I don’t qualify for citizenship or residency in any of those countries.

    I make no defence against what has happened to the Aboriginal peoples since European settlement, but it was not the Australian Government that created this problem. Australia didn’t even have a government until 1901 – so it’s the British Government that owe an apology for their part as Australia has apologised for theirs.

    On two separate occassions I have been attacked by an Aboriginal as I was walking along the street (in different cities), because I was white. Does this count as racism, or can’t you be a racist unless you’re Anglo Saxon/Celtic?

    Do the Aboriginal peoples really want reconciliation or are they really wanting a divorce? As I said before, reconcilliation takes both parties to come together, and racism can come from both sides.

    If we are to be truly reconciled we need to forgive, be forgiven, and unite as one people under one flag. To do anything else is exclusive.

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