Palm Sunday Peace Rally and March

28TH MARCH 2010
1.30 – 3PM Reddacliff Place
George St Brisbane – top of Queen Street Mall

contact: ph 3855 9497 joan shears

Rally for Peace and Nuclear Disarmament Inc

So Barak Obama has committed $8.3 billion in nuclear loan guarantees for 2 reactors

He admits that the greatest problem was in creating incentives attractive enough to entice business to invest in nuclear energy – If we should decide to go down the nuclear road we would be obliged to provide business with the same protection of similarly funded government guarantees.

Here in OZ, “Apart from questions about waste and safety and sites, the sheer question of the volume of dollars it costs to build one of these things and the length of time to build a reactor means that the free market, the big end of town,when it comes to capital and funding, has moved away from nuclear power in this country.” — Dave Sweeney ACF reported by Louisa Rebgetz ABC NT Local News 19.2.2010


2 thoughts on “Palm Sunday Peace Rally and March

  1. southbrisbane says:

    Please note the correct spelling of the venue is Reddacliff Place.

  2. Joan Shears says:



    Nuclear Free Australia.- Climate Change-
    Uranium Weapons –
    Refugees – Safe Havens-Safe return
    Welcome to Country –

    Chairperson: Chris Henderson
    Choosing Our Future: Professor Ian Lowe
    we are creating – there are many possible futures.
    We should be trying to shape a sustainable future.
    Weapons Derived Uranium: Pauline Rigby
    air, soil and water becon1e contaminated
    with radioactivity.

    The threat of uranium
    a ‘human’ issue and not just a technological one. People don’t need
    to be ‘experts’ to respond and get involved …….

    Refugees and Asylum Seekers – Andrew Bartlett
    Policies – Priorities needed:: to bring about a n10re peaceful world,
    a more vigorous pursuit of disannanlent, to stop the need for people
    to flee, to help make their home countries safe for their retulll.

    ‘The Combined Unions Choir will share with us, songs and
    memories of their recent happy and successful trip to Cuba
    Senator Claire Moore re Award – Order of Australia Medal to Joan Shears, Peace, Nuclear Disarmalnent, Social Justice issues
    Rally for Peace and Pluelear Disannarnent Inc PO Box 2236 Brookside
    Contact Joan ph 38559497

    [Edited extract from Palm Sunday Peace Rally pamphlet]

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