Phil Monsour goes to Jerusalem

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Phil Monsour News and Information Just thought I would send one last message before departing for the Middle East on friday as a reminder about the fund-raising concert 7pm on the 19th of Feb at the CEPU Union Hall at 41 Merivale St South Brisbane. (see the web site for details). The band will be performing in acoustic mode and nice meal has materialise thanks to many great friends and supporters. Thanks to those who have already sent RSVPs for the farewell concert – a phone call or an email just helps with the catering. Tickets $10 (see poster below) Some advance copies of Live at Ahimsa house will be available on the night and a DVD launch/ fundraiser has been set for the 29th of May at Kurilpa Hall in west end. This is also shaping up as a show and tell about the trip.
I have a bag full of camera gear and can almost do one complete song in Arabic (I hope to memorise it on the plane.)

I will also be using my facebook site to document the trip (see below if you want to be Friends) and recommend friending to any of your contacts who may be interested.

The $30 CD pack of Lies and silence and the Empires new clothes is now available on the website.

Hope to see you if you can make it to a gig and any support for the Middle East study tour would be fantastic. Please forward to anyone who would be interested.
Thanks Phil

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The Empires new clothes
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Lies and Silence
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Smart bombs
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4 thoughts on “Phil Monsour goes to Jerusalem

  1. Help organise Al Nakba commemoration says:

    The 15th of May 2010 marks 62 years of the Palestinian Nakba (catastrophe). In 1948, more than 750,000 Palestinians were ethnically cleansed from their homeland by Zionist forces, with more than 500 Palestinian villages depopulated and destroyed. Today more than 7 million Palestinian refugees, the largest refugee community in the world, are living in exile from their homeland, dispersed around the world.

    The anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba on May 15 is an important time for all supporters of human rights and justice to join the ongoing campaign to say no to Israel’s ongoing ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people; to say no to Israel’s occupation and to say no to Israel’s apartheid policies and to demand justice for the Palestinian people.

    Please come to the first organising meeting for the Brisbane Nakba commemorations:

    Wednesday February 24, 6:30pm
    TLC Building (2nd floor)
    16 Peel St, South Brisbane

    If you can’t make it to the meeting, but would like to be involved, please email

  2. LOCO TV (= Left Of Centre Oeuvres) says:


  3. Phil Monsour says:

    For those not on FaceBook

    “I (Phil) traveled from Jerusalem to Ramallah and meet four members of the Palestinian Legislative Council. On the return journey the check points were closed probably because of the street fighting around the El Aqsa Mosque after the occupation authorities closed the mosque and sent in the riot squad (or maybe just because they felt like doing it). We circled the city to find an open check point back to Jerusalem the 15 kilometer journey took about an hour.”

    “Nablus is just recovering from the 2002 invasion that destroyed much of the ancient old city. These buildings have slowly been restored. The old city has many monuments to the people that died in the 2002 invasion/reoccupation. The narrow streets of the old city were the centre of the resistance and to over come opposition the Israeli army bulldozed a path into the old town square to clear the way for the tanks. They do not give warnings and this monument commemorates seven members of one family that were killed in their home. 1000 people have died since 2000 and 80% of them have been civilians”

    “…many people in the camp have seen thousands of delegations over the years and nothing has improved and their return to Palestine remains a distant dream.”

    — excerpts from Phil’s messages on Facebook.

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