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‘Killing no Murder’

Humphrey McQueen at Leightons in Eagle Street Brisbane 21 Sept 09

Humphrey McQueen speaking about 'Framework of Flesh' with building workers at Leightons in Eagle Street Brisbane. 21 September 2009. Photo: Ian Curr

The factory-owners of the time formed a “trade union” to resist the factory legislation, the so-called “National Association for the Amendment of the Factory Laws”, based in Manchester, which collected a sum of more than £50,000 in March 1855 from contributions on the basis of 2 shillings per horse-power, to meet the legal costs of members prosecuted by the factory inspectors and conduct their cases on behalf of the Association. The object was to prove “killing no murder” if done for the sake of profit.

Karl Marx, Capital, III.[1]

Why OHS injuries are not real crimes

More than buildings rise on “a framework of human flesh”.

So, too, do the profits of Messrs Construction Capital.

The opening 80,000 words of Framework of Flesh carry our understanding of that reciprocity past the level of generalisation. The next step is to foreground the concepts embedded in that analysis by asking how the il-logic that compels capital to expand also

”]# McQuillan, Ern, 1926- # Member of the Builders Labourers Union carrying a banner on the 6 Hour March, Sydney, 6 October 1964makes it injure human capacities.

Investigating this relationship between the needs of capital and the frequency of harms will proceed through four phases.

The first is a reminder that the assaults suffered by builders’ labourers are but a microcosm of the gore that has accompanied  capital accumulation around the globe. Continue reading