East Timor: 10 years since the vote for freedom

East Timor Poster 10 years onDirect Action public forum
East Timor: 10 years since the vote for freedom
Hear long time solidarity activist, Jon Lamb and East Timorese community member, Alfonso Corte Real speak about the significance of the 1999 independence referendum and the present situation in East Timor. The meeting will also feature film screenings of:

  • Scenes From An Occupation, by award-winning film maker Carmela Baranowska, which covers the last 6 months of the Indonesian occupation.
  • Doctors of Tomorrow, a documentary made by Tim Anderson about the role of Cuban doctors in building East Timor’s health care system.

September 12, 3pm
Southbank QCA, Cnr Sidon & Little Stanley Sts (opposite Maritime Museum),
Building S07, room 1.23
Entry: $5/$3 concession
Phone: 3391 1903 or 0438 162 597 (Jon)
Email: brisbane@rsp.org.au

2 thoughts on “East Timor: 10 years since the vote for freedom

  1. Seven Marched says:

    Seven Marched

    Unfurl the banner,
    Move onto the street,
    Only Seven,
    But seven marched
    It was a time of rage
    Rage forgotten
    People forgotten

    Students had been there
    Seen the people mass
    Their eyes were alight
    Hundreds of years of poverty
    The shackles broken
    Independence the banner
    Revolution so near
    Our own Cuba, our own Castro
    Our own Guevara

    Posters banners to all unions
    Australia’s Union of Students last act
    A last call.
    Workers Students Unite!
    Solidarity across the sea.
    Darwin’s wharf unions were firm.
    The tyrant must be stopped,
    Black ban this country,
    Stop our country’s folly
    Whitlam’s last, Fraser’s first
    Not for Oil, Diplomacy, Security

    But we were not organised
    Most students had gone home,
    Christmas holidays were near.
    It was only spontaneous action.
    Only seven there
    Why not the street?

    The monster would invade a small country
    Eat its people
    Let us take this Brisbane Street
    Just for a moment
    For the people of East Timor.

    Unfurl the banner
    Onto the street
    Only seven
    But seven marched
    For a people’s freedom.

    By JM
    from The 1992 Left Directory
    East Timor Burning &
    Latin Amercia: 500 years of Resistance
    Published by Leftpress, Edited by Lachlan Hurse

  2. U.N. ballot in East Timor 1999 says:

    Last Monday was the 10th. anniversary of the U.N. ballot in East Timor. These daze are the 10th. anniversary of the Indonesian military and death squad massacres that followed the people’s choice for Independence.

    Australian breakfast television Monday was live from Dili where the same Australian military that trained the Indonesian occupiers for 25 years were being awarded medals by the East Timorese president in an anniversary ceremony that included few Timorese (according to OZ breakfast TV). The invitation to inhabit a United States of Amnesia is extended by the President in his reassurances that his government rejects local and International Human Rights calls to investigate the massacres that followed the ballot ten years ago.

    Ten years ago we maintained a long siege outside the Indonesian Embassy in London. Independence may not have come to East Timor but we (the movement inside and outside East Timor) collectively stopped a genocide and there are good folks on the ground who continue the struggle for that independence beyond a kinder gentler colonisation.

    So on Monday, amongst all the state sponsored amnesia it was quite remarkable to go to see the film “Balibo” – the story of 5 Australian based journalist murdered in the early days of the Indonesian invasion of East Timor in 1975. It is also the story of Australia (government, media, fellow journos, the legitimate voices of dissent etc) burying their memory and murders for three long decades.

    I encourage everyone to go see this film. Check out this short

    Ciaron O’Reilly

    Anne Demy-Geroe interviews filmakers of “Balibao” at Brisbane International Film Festival
    BIFF 09: Photo by Jimmy Malecki http://www.jimmymalecki.com

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