Womens’ Rights

Drop the charges public meeting

Public meeting:
Drop the abortion charges! Repeal all anti-abortion laws!

Did you know that a third of women have an abortion in their lifetime, and that 80% of Australians support a woman’s right to choose? Despite this, a young woman in Cairns has been charged with archaic abortion laws that should not exist – abortion should not be a crime. She and her partner face several years of jail time if convicted. On September 3-4, they will face court in Cairns for a committal hearing.

Come along to this public meeting to hear reports from the Cairns committal hearing and updates on the campaign and how you can get involved.

Speakers include:
Kate Marsh (Pro-Choice QLD, Children by Choice)
Kathy Newnam (Pro-Choice Action Collective)
Monday September 7, 6:30pm
TLC Building (2nd floor), 16 Peel St, South Brisbane

Pro-Choice Action Collective
Drop the abortion charges! Repeal all anti-abortion laws! For free, safe, accessible abortion on demand!
Phone: 0400 720 757 (Kathy), 0422 763 225 (Emma)
Email: prochoiceaction@gmail.com
Facebook group: search for “Pro-Choice Action Collective”

6 thoughts on “Womens’ Rights

  1. Why censor the views of a pro life leftie. As an anti war activist I also happen to oppose abortion and view it as a form of violence. Why are posts which oppose the view that abortion is okay deleted. And you complain of censorship by the Murdoch press. just goes to show how power corrupts.

    1. Democratic Rights says:

      Workers BushTelegraph is primarily for original articles, original news, stories you can’t read elsewhere, original verse, original pictures, videos and music.

      Pro-life sentiments can be found everywhere; ABC TV sensationalises it; so does the commercial media. The former police commissioner, Sullivan (a catholic), sought to criminalise women who choose to control their own bodies. Anna Bligh does not have the political will to stop him and others like him. Women have no choice but to take power into their own hands, that is their democratic right.

      We will not publish racist or anti-worker sentiments. Qld Police are both racist and anti-worker.

      We do not seek ‘balance’ in reporting when it favours the wealthy and powerful, the bigoted, the religious or the sectarian — readers will have to go to the mass media for that.

      We are for democratic rights not for the power of the state or church over working women.

      People with pro-life views do write into BushTelegraph; but they write about Peace and Nuclear Disarmament, about opposition to the war on terror;

      You are welcome to write about organising for peace on these pages, but not to oppose womens’ right to choose.

      1. It seems this is where dictatorship begins. Have you ever heard of Feminsist for Life? Are you aware that the working class you claim to represent is made up of many women and men who oppose abortion? Are you aware that some of the most strident pro abortion voices are now in the Liberal Party? Abortion is not a left/ right issue. Your censorship and dictatorial style is chilling. Stalin’s USSR anyone??

  2. The anti-abortion movement has adopted a deliberate tactic, both in Australia and the US of attempting to infiltrate the women’s liberation movement in order to run their lies and misinformation under the cover of “feminism”. They have had some success in the US, infiltrating the liberal-feminist organisation NOW (taking over whole chapters in some cases). But these so called ‘feminists for life’ have been roundly rejected by the women’s liberation movement in Australia.

    “Right to life” is already a misnomer (they don’t care if women die from unsafe abortion) but “feminists for life” is absolutely absurd. Anti-abortionists never have been and never will be welcome in the women’s liberation movement. We don’t deny them their right to their quaint religious views about life, but they do not and never will speak for us when they try and impose those views on all women via the law.

    1. Nor will the extremists who want abortion on demand up to nine months ever speak for the majority. You are no more feminist than I am. Pro life feminism is a valid form of feminism and just because you don’t agree with it does not mean it is so easily dismissed. Its a little bit like the politbureau in the USSR determining who was a real communist. Like it or not there are many on the left and many feminist who do not support abortion on demand. I support women’s rights and support the right of the unborn to life. No conflict there. Where there is a conflict is in saying you support human rights and then campaigning for the right to end the life of an unborn child at 30 weeks when it is viable outside the womb at 23. Abortion is not a left right issue. If you delve deeper you will see there is disquiet on the left about abortion culture but many fear the attacks of the extreme pro abortionists. I am a unionist, anti war activist and I oppose abortion. Like many others I know.

      1. What absolute hypocrisy to write of imposing views on other people when you are fighting to impose your theological views about life onto women and what they can do with their own bodies!

        It’s true, abortion is not *just* a “left” issue – there is support for a woman’s right to control her body across the political spectrum. Over 80% of people in Australia support a woman’s right to abortion – a massive gain borne of decades of struggle of the women’s liberation movement in challenging the motherhood-myth-making and religious conceptions of life.

        As for the “disquiet” on the left about “abortion culture” – I won’t disagree that there is sexism on the left, reflecting the overwhelming pressure from a society that is ridden with sexism and misogyny. How could anyone expect the left to be free from such blights? Of course, it’s not just the ideological pressures – there are plenty on the left who themselves benefit from the ongoing oppression of women.

        But the fact that there is sexism on the left, does not and will not define the basic anti-sexist principles of the left – which has understood for decades that a woman’s right to control her own body is absolutely fundamental.

        Anti-abortionists are anti-woman in the most extreme way – sentencing tens of thousands of women to death every year. Every eight minutes a woman dies because she cannot access safe abortion.

        You can’t be “feminist” and anti-woman at the same time. That is why anti-abortionists are not and never will be part of the women’s liberation movement. That’s not merely a declaration – it is the facts on the ground.

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