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The Queens’ Land — Dark Princess of Power

Just like watching the detectives,
Don’t get cute
Watching the detectives,
Am                                         G
I get so angry when the teardrops start
F                                         C
But he can’t be wounded cos he’s got no heart
G                         C
Watching the detectives,
Watching the detectives —
Elvis Costello “Watching the Detectives” [with chords].

“It is 9th February 1985.

We have no power.

Each suburb in Brisbane gets only about one and a half hours power each evening.

Tonight we got 45 minutes because we’re near factories in West End that are mostly shut down.

Joh is trying to take three weeks to do something that Thatcher has spent 10 years trying to achieve (in England). He is trying to destroy the economy of Queensland. First he knocked down the Brigalow, then the Democratic Rights groups and now the union.

There have been 500,000 workers stood down throughout the state. All major industries and most commerce have ground to a halt. The dream of the economist, Milton Friedman, has arrived. The National Party believes that the economy, having been destroyed, will rise up, like a Phoenix from the ashes, into a far more powerful and virulent form of free enterprise. Continue reading


 Four Anti-War Activists Remain at Large in Prohibited Military Area for Over a Week Four anti-war activists remain at large in the prohibited Shoalwater military exercise area in central Queensland.  The Shoalwater area is presently hosting the $250 million Talisman … Continue reading

Locked Out


History of Labour in Queensland 1859-2009

BLHA logo
Here is a flyer calling for papers for the Q150 History of Labour Relations in Queensland 1859-2009

Conference to be held Friday 11 December 2009 in Brisbane.

To submit an expression of interest, please follow the instructions in the attached flyer and contact Mr Paul Florens by email or phone (07) 3225 2633.

Expressions of interest close Monday 31 August 2009.

Conference papers will be due Friday 30 October 2009.
Please direct any queries to:

Paul Florens
Policy Officer
IR Policy
Private Sector Industrial Relations
Department of Justice and the Attorney General
Level 4, Block B, Neville Bonner Building, 75
William Street | GPO Box 69, Brisbane Qld 4001
(07) 3225 2633

Kind regards
Dale Jacobsen
Secretary Brisbane Labour History Association
Dale Lorna Jacobsen
PO Box 456
Maleny Qld 4552

Ph: 07 5494 4046
Mob: 0413 843 652


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Poetry in Motion IV


The Australia–Cuba Friendship Society (Brisbane)

cuban revolution 1Poetry in Motion IV
Day of solidarity with Cuba

Celebrate the beginning of the Cuban Revolution — the 56th anniversary of the assault on the Moncada Barracks
cuban revolution 2
Sunday July 26
1.30 p.m.

Kurilpa Hall
cuban revolution3174 Boundary St, West End

A program of Cuban poetry readings and live music, with food and drinks. Entry by donation.


cuban revolution4

Tents as Powerful Symbols of Palestinians’ Fates

Palestinians often live in tents next to their demolished homes. Palestinians often live in tents next to their demolished homes.
In Jerusalem, but also in the West Bank, the Golan Heights, and elsewhere, the State of Israel continues its policy of house demolitions. Evictions of Arab families are a common occurrence.
They are taking place under the cover of claims, such as security, the building of the apartheid wall, the expansion of settlements in the West Bank or the creation of national parks. Since 1967 and the beginning of the occupation Israel has attempted to empty the territory of its Arab population as the desire to make Jewish state of Israel a ‘fact on the ground’.

Palestine Solidarity Tour

Phil Monsour News and Information
Phil Monsour Newsletter 1

Hi All

Thanks to all those who supported the recent CD launch and fundraiser.

The event raised over 2100 dollars and the money was directed to the Gaza Strip through Union Aid Abroad Apheda.

Thanks to all those who cooked, cleaned and made the night happen.

I will shortly join US songwriter David Rovics for a series of solidarity concerts in Adelaide, Canberra, Newcastle, Wollongong, Brisbane and Lismore. For venues times and booking information

You can read more about the Palestine Solidarity Tour here:

For the Brisbane show only, Jon will join me on the djembe and Graham on the acoustic guitar for a new acoustic trio experiment. I am currently negotiating with the backing singers in the hope they may join me on the night.

Other upcoming shows include one in Cairns at Crate59 on the 19th of September. More details soon.

Please forward this information to anyone you think may be interested particularly anyone in the locations above.

Other news

Don’t forget the new acoustic CD lies and silence available at


Work continues on the live band video and (slow) progress is being made and the DVD should be ready in the near future.


Palestine solidarity tour poster AHIMSA house is now the Ellen Taylor Community Centre

The empire’s new clothes CD
Out Now

‘Capital history’

by Humphrey McQueen, Canberra

Building Owners’ & Managers’ Association

Blf 1980-85

The developer is not the end consumer – he is a manufacturer who like any other manufacturer has to pass on almost all cost rises if he is to survive business in the long run. It is the end consumer who bears the cost burdens and rises.[1]

From 1966, eight or more executives from the AMP, Dalgetys, Hammersons, Hookers, National Mutual and the Bank of NSW met over lunch to share ideas about the issues they faced as owner-managers of commercial properties. In August 1968, thirty-eight representatives of such businesses gathered in Sydney to form a Business Owners and Managers Association (BOMA). The NSW Public Works Department attended from the start because it had the same problems of maintenance and servicing as did the corporates. BOMA’s incorporation a year later advanced a process of self-discovery for one segment among Australia’s large property developers. BOMA had moved from being a club to a company, a sign that its founders meant business. At that stage, they saw themselves establishing a professional body to train people to look after the tall buildings and shopping complexes that had been appearing since 1957. Late in 1996, BOMA re-birthed as the Property Council of Australia. Continue reading

Friends & Enemies

The film is called "Friends and Enemies" – by Tom Zubrycki.
A documentary about the SEQEB struggle in 1985 in Qld.

Thursday 16th July
6:30pm for 7:00pm
Paddington Workers Centre,
2 Latrobe Tce.
Pizza and drinks available.
organised by Worklife.
Friends & Enemies

Resisting Talisman Sabre 09 and the Af/Pak War

Veteran members of the Catholic Worker movement Jim Dowling and Ciaron O'Reilly prepare to block a major access road to the Talisman Sabre military exercise Continue reading