Palestine: Going Home

Today I went home for the first time in 61 years
I remember playing in the courtyard
We left because we had to
The Israelis were coming
Today was not the day for me to go home
But one day my family will return
We will go home, we will go home

اليوم أنا ذهبت البداية للمرة الاولى في 61 عاما / أتذكر اللعب في فناء / تركنا لأننا كان ل/ الإسرائيليون القادمة و/ اليوم لم يكن يوم بالنسبة لي العودة الى ديارهم / ولكن يوم واحد من عائلتي سيعود / سنذهب البداية، أن نذهب إلى البيت
To listen to the Arabic version click here —

One response to “Palestine: Going Home

  1. i really like it… it gave me goosebumps.. i guess it’s because it is an issue that my parents have raised me with since i was young… and it is something that a lot of us want to see happening…

    well done guys… i am waiting for more!!!

    Peace out!!!

    Salam El-Merebi


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