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Palestine: Going Home

Today I went home for the first time in 61 years I remember playing in the courtyard We left because we had to The Israelis were coming Today was not the day for me to go home But one day … Continue reading

Stop the War Games…

Peace convergence
We got Obama and we got Rudd…and we still have up to 30,000 US and Australian troops coming to practice bombing, landing and raiding at Shoalwater Bay (Central Qld) and in the NT for this year’s Aus-US Military Exercise – Operation Talisman Sabre.
The Peace Convergence is calling for peace action to take place throughout the war games (6-26 July 2009) and in various locations in the Shoalwater region.
A main Convergence weekend is planned for the first weekend of the war games with a dedicated camping site already booked in Rockhampton.
Other activities include: Committed To Change Festival July 3-5 at Byfield <;, Peace House, support NAIDOC DAY in Rockhampton on July 10, Public Meeting July 10 in Rockhampton…plus more.
Click here for a run down of the program so far:
Here are some contacts for organising in a town near you!

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May Day Fiesta @ Turnstyle


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Coalition cronies on refugees

The coalition cronies will be off and running today following the
interview in Radio National this am.
Please comment.
They (the cronies & pals) are already using the interview to accuse the Rudd Government. Ofcourse they are overlooking the bleeding obvious. The Howard government policy of interdiction of boats by the Navy and towing them back to
Indonesia is responsible for the legacy cases and for their subsequent
setting out on dangerous journeys to Australia. Continue reading

May Day Celebrations

Paddo Workers


Veterans Group reflects on brutality of war

Veterans Group reflects on brutality of war and question how politicians use our armed forces on ANZAC Day


By Hamish Chitts
23 April 2009

The Australian-based veterans group Stand Fast, comprised of veterans and former military personnel who oppose the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, today called on people to reject blind patriotism and flag waving this ANZAC Day. Stand Fast has called for reflection on the brutality of war and for people to question if Australia’s current wars are really inwar gigs the interest of the people of Australia.

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Quarry Vision

How big energy polluters have railroaded the response to climate change

Quarry Vision0001

Guy Pearse was a Liberal Party member and speech writer for former
Environ. Minister, Robert Hill.

He did his PhD on energy policy development and interviewed the ‘greenhouse mafia’, the group of lobbyists for the big polluters in Australia, as part of this work.

He was morally outraged by what he found. This later became the basis of a 4 Corners program exposing the work of this group to control government policy on climate change.

This essay is a compressed version of his work to date and is a great expose of the big polluters lobbying effects on energy and emissions trading policy in Australia – a must read.

I encourage you all to read this  – see synopsis below.

Trevor Berrill

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Concert for Gaza

Palestinian Solidarity Initiative Presents:Palestine concert at Ukranian hall - Phil Monsour etc

Concert for Gaza

The situation in the Gaza remains grim after the recent brutal invasion that has left the people of Gaza under siege and struggling to meet their basic needs.

Please support the Benefit Concert/Middle Eastern Dinner and CD launch on the 30th of May at the Ukrainian Hall (70 Cordelia St, South Brisbane) at 6.30pm featuring the Phil Monsour Band, Surreal MC and Sheikh Ahmad Abu Ghazaleh.

This is the sixth Brisbane fund raiser for Union Aid Aboard APHEDA and all proceeds will be directed to the Gaza Emergency Appeal.

Phil will launch a limited edition acoustic CD “Lies and Silence” on the night. The Concert for Gaza promises to be another great night of food and music and a chance to send support to the people of Gaza.

See Below – Contact Hamish 0401586923 for Bookings)

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Framework of Flesh – Builders Labourers’ Battle for Health & Safety


Framework of Flesh – Builders Labourers’ Battle for Health & Safety
by Humphrey McQueen
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Union & Community renewal

May Forum: Collective Resistance, what will it mean?

6pm for 6:30pm startMay Forum: Collective Resistance to the crisis, what will it mean?

22 May 2009

Keynote Speaker: Humphrey McQueen (historian).

Entry by Gold Coin donation.

AHIMSA House is at 26 Horan Street, West End, near the West End State School.


6 PM Monday

27 April 2009

The hope of the world

The union has made possible progress not only for the working people, but advancement in many other directions – morally, socially, and intellectually – and is traceable to the existence of the organisation of the workers.

The object and aims of the union movement and the realisation thereof have been the dream of the sages and seers, and the prophets of the past ages.

Every new demand for better physical protection of the workers ensures a great ideal development for a future generation.

B. A. (Ben) Mulvogue, Secretary, Victorian Branch of the Builders’ Labourers’ Federation, Builders’ Labourers’ News, 24 December 1915 .

In more recent times, both union and community***  have been in decline.

Labor-in-power has not arrested this trend. We only have to look in our own backyard to see reduced union consciousness, loss of democracy in the workplace, centralisation of local government, failure or decline of progressive communities around institutions like the Palm Sunday Peace rally, St Mary’s at Sth Brisbane, AHIMSA house in West End, and Paddo Workers. Continue reading

BrushStrokes: Latin American Art Exhibition in Brisbane


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Life and Times of a Middle Class Leftie


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Stop the Genocide against the Tamil people in Sri Lanka!

Australia must condemn Sri Lankan Government slaughter! End the silence!

Rally Monday April 20th, 4.30pm
State Parliament, George Street, City (outside QUT Gardens Point)

Tamil Genocide

On Tuesday night the Sri Lankan Army (SLA) commenced the slaughter of Tamils in the so-called “safe zone”, directing massive firepower towards civilians. Independent witnesses have confirmed the SLA’s use of chemical weapons, with Phosgene and Triethanolamine being found on the dead.

According to Human Rights Watch: “Sri Lanka’s so-called ‘no-fire zone’ is now one of the most dangerous places in the world,” said Brad Adams, Asia director at Human Rights Watch. “The Security Council has quibbled over protocol when it should be acting to bring an end to this ghastly loss of life.” Continue reading

3rd Anniversary at Traveston Crossing


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Foco Nuevo in April

Thanks to those who made our first birthday celebrations last month such a lovely night.

For April we’re returning to Ahimsa House with great guest musicians. For our part Jumping Fences will be a little different – while our drummer and percussionist are away, we will be having a special guest with us, Leonor Orellana, a Guatemalan singer who performed with us in the late 1980s in the group Gaviota. Continue reading

May Day 09 – Workers of the World Unite


Worklife Films: Amongst Equals

worklife film flyer

Bernie’s Shorts

AGE does bring some privileges. Pity the poor teenagers being verbally and pictorially assaulted every night on television by state and federal governments.

I am not sure where the government received the notion we taxpayers wanted to spend a good few of our dollars telling our young what a disgusting bunch they are.

According to my venerable political leaders, if I was 16, I would be far from sweet.

If I ventured walking into the street at night I would either be pissed as a newt or drugged to the eyeballs.

The best that could happen would be if I vomited everywhere.
Otherwise I end up in a fight, run out to be killed by a car or die of a drug overdose. Continue reading

Did ‘Doc’ Evatt’s support for Israel lead to the massacre at Deir Yassin?

Dear Colleagues

I know the information below is, in all probability, known to all.

It is also extremely painful to remember.

Nevertheless, in all anniversaries such as that of Deir Yassin, we must relive the past to correct the present and ensure a better future.

The information has been sourced from books by Benny Morris, who needs no introduction, and Matthew Hogan, the historian.

In solidarity

David Albuquerque

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