Framework of Flesh – Builders Labourers’ Battle for Health & Safety


Framework of Flesh – Builders Labourers’ Battle for Health & Safety
by Humphrey McQueen
Out Now!

The hope of the world

The union has made possible progress not only for the working people, but advancement in many other directions – morally, socially, and intellectually – and is traceable to the existence of the organisation of the workers.

The object and aims of the union movement and the realisation thereof have been the dream of the sages and seers, and the prophets of the past ages.

Every new demand for better physical protection of the workers ensures a great ideal development for a future generation.

B. A. (Ben) Mulvogue, Secretary, Victorian Branch of the Builders’ Labourers’ Federation, Builders’ Labourers’ News, 24 December 1915 .

In Queensland Framework of Flesh – Builders Labourers’ Battle for Health & Safety can be ordered through LeftPress — Workers Printing & Publishing by mail to LeftPress, PO Box 5093 West End, 4101 or by email to

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