Coalition cronies on refugees

The coalition cronies will be off and running today following the
interview in Radio National this am.
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They (the cronies & pals) are already using the interview to accuse the Rudd Government. Ofcourse they are overlooking the bleeding obvious. The Howard government policy of interdiction of boats by the Navy and towing them back to
Indonesia is responsible for the legacy cases and for their subsequent
setting out on dangerous journeys to Australia.

The Iraqi man interviewed  has been in Indonesia for 10 years care of
the HOWARD PLAN which was to get the Navy to push the boats back. Howard
policy  – no solution after that – just push them back and pay IOM
millions of dollars to warehouse the people like washing machines!
These people have been recognised by UNHCR as the ridgy- didge real
thing- yes accredited refugees so lets move to the next argument. After
we pushed them back to Indonesia , a struggling economy with 238,000,000
people of their own on 6,000 inhabited islands- what then.

OK we paid to feed and water them and provide shelter but as a 15 yr old
Iraqi girl said to me- “we are not cattle- we are human- we need more in
the life than food and shelter”!

The problem in Indonesia is that these people are not allowed to work,
the children have no access to education- there is no future. There are
Iraqi and Afghan teenagers in Indonesia who have missed 8-10 years of
schooling. Mind you they have taught each other languages and computer
skills. These kids come from a time and place when they had never seen a
computer. Imagine what they could do with formal education.

The bottom line is that HOWARDS HUMAN WAREHOUSING  policy presents the
current government with boats. I will be fair and say- not all boats are
from Legacy cases but some are and this man is saying truthfully what is
happening in Indonesia. The solution at the moment is to round up all
the men, separate them from their wives and children  and put them in
detention in centres all over Indonesia- Macassar, Jakarta and Pantiank.
These guys will soon disappear there.

The real solution is resettlement.

Pamela Curr      Campaign coordinator
Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
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Melbourne 3003
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