Film Screening: ‘Jerusalem – east side story’


The latest shipment of history is the Israeli occupation. In 1948, the western part of the city fell under Israeli control; in 1967, the eastern part fell under Israeli occupation. Since then, Israel has pursued a policy of Judaizing the city, aiming to achieve “Jewish demographic superiority.” Part of this policy is to drive Palestinian Muslims and Christians out of the city; denying their presence, history, and ties to the land.
The documentary takes you on a journey exposing Israel’s policy to gain supremacy and hegemony over the city and its inhabitants. It also touches on the future of the city: Jerusalem is the key to peace; without Jerusalem, there is no peace for anyone.
The film includes interviews with Palestinian and Israeli leaders, human rights activists and political analysts.

Tues March 10, 1pm

Info enquiry: Ph 0402 577 188

Film screening organised by
Students for Palestine in conjunction
with Justice for Palestine Brisbane

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