Daily Archives: February 11, 2009

Darwin, Lincoln and the survival of the slave-masters

By Humphrey McQueen
12 February 2009

February 12 is the bicentenary of the births of Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln. Their personal convictions towards slavery were pretty much the same. The name of the former is entangled with Social Darwinism as a doctrine about survival of the fittest. This distortion of ‘fitness’ sustains a pseudo-scientific basis to justify the naturalness for the division of human society into masters and slaves, whether chattel-slaves of the plantation South or wage-slaves of the capitalist factories. By contrast, the conventional ignorance about Lincoln is of the Great Emancipator.

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Crisis! What crisis?

by Humphrey McQueen
11 February 2009

Shortly after the Austrian aeronautical engineer Ludwig Wittgenstein arrived in Cambridge in 1911, he drove Bertrand Russell to distraction by refusing to admit that there was not a rhinoceros in the room. These days, I find myself sharing Russell’s frustration because so many socialist grouplets are unable to focus on the probability that, not only is a rhinoceros loose in the global economy but also herds of elephant and wildebeest.

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Never mind the quantity – feel the thinness

by Humphrey McQueen

‘Crisis? What crisis?’ sketched the quantity of attention that some socialist grouplets have given to the crisis in capitalist accumulation. This companion piece sifts through their printed materials and educational plans for traces of Marxism. Continue reading