Invasion Day 2010

Click below for the Invasion Day podcast from the Paradigm Shift (thanks to Eliza and the makers of that program broadcast on 4ZZZ] It includes speeches and interviews of Murri activists in Brisbane who, each year since 1972 in Brisbane, celebrate their survival of colonial invasion and settlement in Australia  in 1788.

What have we got to celebrate?

Ever since 1938 when aboriginal leaders launched the first protest around this day Invasion Day has been important to both indigenous people and their non-indigenous supporters.

The notices below show the importance in the aboriginal calendar of Invasion Day, 26 January 2010.

Many important themes were addressed at the rally and march from Parliament house to Musgrave Park.

For example, it was pointed out at the rally by Sam Watson that there will be a federal election later in the year where aboriginal issues will be raised. Attempts are being made to get an aboriginal candidate from the Northern Territory into the Federal Senate. Also there was discussion of the conditions on Palm Island. In March this year there will be a third inquest into the murder of Mulrunji Doomadgee on Palm Island on 19 November 2004. Gracelyn Smallwood beseech activists to go to this inquest that will be held in Townsville.

‘Being Free is Being Black’

All important was the defining speech by an aboriginal elder Coco Wharton of what it is to be an aboriginal person.

The first law is to your people, then your countrymen and only then to that thing [the Australian flag’]

Wharton exposed ‘the gatekeepers’ who are looking to be appointed by governments and media to speak on behalf of aboriginal people. He named Marcia Langton, Pat Dodson, Galarrwuy Yunupingu, Noel Pearson, and Lowitja O’Donohue. According to Coco Wharton these people are meddling in other people’s affairs. He said that ‘don’t be black when you want to be black, be black when you have to be black’. Here is his speech after he sang song from the Cooma mob:

He talked about the interference of the Lord Mayor, Campbell Newman, who refused the Murris permission to march over the Victoria Street Bridge while at the same time allowing 20,000 people to march over the Victoria Street bridge for the Australia Day march. We marched down George Street and across the bridge anyway. We outnumbered the police 50 to 1.

Several other issues were addressed. Aboriginal representation in the parliament, the needs of youth, the murder of Mulrunji by Snr Sgt Hurley.

Colonial Past

You would have to ask what was the purpose of the Lord Mayor to oppose the march and then the police baricading South Bank so to curtail the usual cultural ceremonies that are conducted at south bank. Why not just accept it as part of the celebration of what it is to live in Australia?

On the south side of the river as we marched to Musgrave park we could hear the 21 gun salute for the governor, the heart stopping flyover of the F111 and see the blue Daimler awaiting the Governor — all open declarations of a colonial past, the theft of the land and the exploitation of black workers on properties. The importation of labour to continue the colonial project.

Sam Watson and Auntie Alex Gator stress the important issues facing aboriginal people in the  video below should give some idea of these issues and others that were adressed. Gracelyn Smallwood spoke of the struggle that has been going on in Townsville courts over the resistance by aboriginal people on palm Island. Meredith Rose gave a report of what has been happening with the various inquiries into the murder of Mulrunji Doomadgee.

Ian Curr
Invasion Day, 2010






AT 10 AM






Bring a hat and cold water

Bring fruit to share



26 January 2010 Invasion day events

Bennarrawa Invasion Day Ceremony, Oxley Creek

Invasion Day Rally and March start 9.30am Parliament House

Rage Against Racism – Musgrave Park Cultural Centre are holding a fundraising event at Musgrave Park on the 26 January 2010.

For more information go to Reconciliation Queensland

Thursday 28 January 2010, trivia night the Teralba Park Commemorative Site Support Group will be holding a fundraising at the Arana Leagues Club, Dawson Parade Grovelly. The night will be hosted by Andrew McMicking who has hosted nights for ANTaR and Amnesty International among others.

Funds raised will contribute towards the costs of activities at the plaque site including our annual Sorry Day Ceremonies.

As well as the Trivia there will be number of entertainers, including some of the young people from the Aboriginal College for the Performing Arts (ACPA).

The evening will kick off at 6:30 pm with formalities starting at 7pm.You can form a group and pre-book, otherwise we will assign people to tables as they turn up. There are fabulous prizes. These include two hampers of great goodies from Dreamtime Kullilla Arts for the two top tables on the night. These are each valued at around $100. There will also be a lucky door prize and a raffle of the fabulous board game “The Bridge: A Learning Tool Towards Reconciliation”.

To book a table you can call Andrew or Mariya on 3289 1824 or Aunty Flo on 3351 3592 or 0419 676858.

Musgrave Park Cultural Centre are again hosting this year’s celebrations and luncheon !


Previous Years

Mon 26 Jan 2009

11:00am Rally at Parliament House – George St

Hear some of the main issues raised on this significant weekend

12:00 March to Jagera, 121 Cordelia St, Musgrave Park

Musgrave Park Culture Centre invites you to: plan for better life choices for the next generations . . .’close the gap’

Entertainment –  Key speakers. bands, food, stalls, networking, hanging-out

Contributions of towards the event, including food, marquees, money all very welcome.

January 26,  2009

This is a significant day for All Australian’s; a time to reflect on, and acknowledge, Australia’s history and to plan for a better future;

In the millennium Indigenous Australia still experience many social injustices / ill health / high incarceration rates / housing problems / etcLet’s share and celebrate the achievements of Indigenous Australia and empower each other – especially our Youth;

strengthen your commUNITY and all those who continue to work and support our families, our communities;

together, let’s plan for a better life choices for the next generations . . .’close the gap’

[for further information on 26 January:; ]


Invasion Day – Survival Day Activities and Celebrations 24 -26 January 2009

Sat 24 Jan 1:00 – 5:00pm

Bands Playing,  Concert,


BBQ at  Talking Circle, State Library Queensland
Spend time together celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples’ lives, their culture and their deadly achievements.

Contributions of fruit eg watermelons welcomed – drop off at Kuril Dhagun, State Library


Sun 25  Jan   Treaty Mass, 5:00pm  at St Mary’s, Peel St, South Brisbane


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  1. martin mullen says:

    11 am on a Monday? What people who work for a living?!

    1. Sorry the link was to the wrong year.

      Invasion Day 2010 Rally and March is on Tuesday the 26th Jan at parliament house Brisbane from 10 am.

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  3. 'Black community picket at Parliament House says:

    Urgent community notice

    Parliament House Brisbane, At 11am Saturday 13th of February, 2010.

    We demand justice !!
    We demand a new royal commission into
    Aboriginal deaths in custody !!

    Aboriginal prisoners have been bashed
    Aboriginal prisoners have died in police custody

    To this day not one police officer has ever been convicted of any aboriginal death in custody !!

    No more police cover-ups !!
    No more police investigating police !!
    No more kops protecting their criminal mates in blue !!

    Smash the blue wall of silence

    Support the aboriginal struggle

    Be there on Monday 8th of February to demand a new royal commission into aboriginal deaths in custody

    No more police cover ups!!

    (*) the CMC report into the palm island police cover up must be made public now !
    (*) the secret evidence against snr. Sgt. Chris Hurley must be made public now !
    (*) all investigations into aboriginal deaths in custody must be open and transparent and the police must be charged now !
    (*) police who commit criminal acts of brutality against aboriginal prisoners must be charged and they must be sent to jail now !

    ( inquiries – sam watson 0401227443 )

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