Community Forum on Palestine

Michael Shaik (Australians for Palestine)

speaks out on the crisis in Gazagaza-rally-3-jan-2009

Friday 2nd January

5:30 p.m.

Brisbane City Council Library (ground floor)

Community Meeting Room, Brisbane Square,

266 George Street, Brisbane Qld

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For some insight into Israeli confiscation of Palestinian land see Eran Riklis’s film “The Lemon Tree” based on the true story of a Palestinian widow who defends her lemon tree field…


with speakers from ARAB & JEWISH COMMUNITIES


12:30 pm


January 3, 2009

0413 783 853

0401 586 923

Over 300 people have been killed and more than 700 wounded (half  of them critically) since Saturday, December 27 when Israel launched a series of violent air strikes against the Palestinian civilian population of the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli air strikes, which saw 100 tonnes of bombs dropped across the region, took place at 11.30 am (Palestinian time) just as thousands of Palestinian school children were breaking from school to go home resulting in many of them being killed or seriously injured.

Journalists and human rights activists on the scene at Gaza Hospital are reporting gruesome scenes; shocked families pick through body parts to identify loved ones – amputated bodies are strewn throughout hallways because morgues in the city can no longer accommodate the dead.

The Israeli air strikes against Gaza’s 1.5 million civilian population comes on top of the Israeli imposed siege designed to strangle the life of the Palestinians living there, by denying them adequate fuel, food, medical supplies and power.

The people of Gaza are standing steadfast in the face of these atrocities but we in the international community also need to raise our voices and be heard to demand an immediate end to Israel’s massacre of hundreds of innocent people and for an end to the illegal siege and collective punishment of the Palestinian people.

Join us and others around the world and raise your voices in opposition to Israel’s war crimes and illegal collective punishment of the people of Gaza.

Stop the Massacre!

End the Siege Now!

One thought on “Community Forum on Palestine

  1. Ben je ne sais meme plus quoi dire après tous cela ben j’arrive plus a me concentrer dans mes etdues c’est vrai que j’ai juste 16 ans mais je sens que j dois faire quelques chose je n’attendrais plus les “leaders” pour proposer de betes solutions c’est vraiment insuportable je prefere mourrir avec eux que de rester coincer ici dans ma place en regardant ces massacres c’est terifiant et je veux vraiment trouver une solution mais comment j’en ai aucune idée je cherche toujours mais en vain ……
    toute sincère : une musulmane arabe

    Editor’s Note
    – here is the best English translation of the note from “mercy” I can come up with in the short time I have. A verifiable email address was given by the correspondent. If anyone can help with my poor french translation please do so in the comment below.

    Well, I do not know what to say, even after all (the events) that have happened, I have been concentrating on my studies.

    It is true that I am just 16 years old but I feel that I must do something more.

    I cannot wait for the “leaders” to propose solutions.

    This is really insupportable, I die with them (the Gazan people), to remain stuck here in my place watching these massacres is terrible (?) and I really want to find a solution, but how I have no idea, I’m still looking but in vain … …

    In sincerity,
    a Muslim Arab

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