Asylum Seeker Resource Centre Statement: Homeless World Cup Players

Statement Concerning Homeless World Cup Players


10Th December 2008

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre asks the media to respect the privacy of the players who may be seeking legal advice about their future.

Publicity at this stage of the process can jeopardise their application for asylum as well as place their families at risk in their countries of origin. This is a very stressful time as they make decisions about their future in a climate of fear and
uncertainty. We ask the media to show consideration for these people in this situation and not to pursue them.

When Australia hosts international events, it is to be expected that people from refugee producing countries who may have a refugee claim would seek asylum. This is lawful and in line with our obligations under the Refugee Convention.

People following the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games and World Youth Day have asked for asylum and their claims have been processed with the appropriate outcome.

On this 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, it is worth remembering that everyone has the fundamental right to seek asylum from persecution.

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One thought on “Asylum Seeker Resource Centre Statement: Homeless World Cup Players

  1. To All Refugee Supporters,

    ABC Unleashed has posted the story of the tragic drowning of probably 9 people who set out in a boat from Kupang trying to get to Australia. 9 Survived, 4 bodies were retrieved and 5 are still missing- including the little 9 year old boy, Mounir. This story received skant attention in the media as do most Indonesian based stories of asylum seekers.

    Journalists have along history of expulsion from Indonesia if the
    government does not like their stories.

    Nine survived and nine are drowned or still missing. Among them are missing are 3 Rohingyas( a persecuted Burmese Minority).Two unaccompanied Minors-boys aged 15 and 16.

    As you read this human story , please be aware that an asylum seeker knows better than to release details and reasons (such as persecution, murder of family members etc) for their flight to a journalist.

    Especially if there is a risk that the person may be returned to the
    country of origin. This may explain why this information is sketchy.

    For more on the situation of Australian funded detention centres in Indonesia, Australian funded police and military training in asylum seeker detection, Australian funded training of detention centre guards Please see this link

    Find out how Australian taxpayers are funding Indonesian detention centres. Pamela =

    Pamela Curr

    Pamela Curr Campaign coordinator
    Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
    12 Batman St
    Melbourne 3003
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