Workers BushTelegraph going into recess till Invasion Day, 26 Jan 2009

workers-bushtelegraph-logoWorkers BushTelegraph is in recess from Human Rights Day 2008 (the rally and march is on Saturday 13 December 2008) till next year, perhaps Invasion Day on 26 January 2009, or later – March 2009 even. I am not sure.

If you have any more articles or missiles for 2008, please send them soon.

Thanks to all the contributors to Workers BushTelegraph in 2008. You are too numerous to name. This is because there have been over 1,000 comments posted on WBT since it started in July 2006. Thanks also to the people who have contributed to our feature articles — Ciaron O’Reilly, Jim Dowling & Anne Rampa, Humphrey McQueen and our eternal critic John Tracey. A special thanks to my partner who has put up with my long hours on the computer, day & night in 2008.

Finally a thanks to the LeftPress collective who have kept me grounded on our big project of the last 10 years – After the Waterfront – the workers are quiet.

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Have a good holiday and I will see you again in the new year, unless capitalism should fall in the meantime, come to think of it, i won’t be at my desk if that happens either.

Meanwhile comments are as always open for people who wish to raise any issues over the break.

After a year where change began pressing, Workers BushTelegraph (WBT) grew from a 2 column blog format to a three column website.

WBT had a name change from BushTelegraph to Workers BushTelegraph.

WBT is more than a bulletin board.

It publishes feature articles, books, music, film & video as well as news and bulletins. Recently I have been adding some PDFs that amount to transcript download and printing. I paid about $300  to buy the software to do this.

Another example, take music  – look at this page and click on the
images, WBT plays the songs of local bands that appeared during 2008 at the
independent venue, foco nuevo. WBT sound broadcast could be better but it is almost radio. Relevant U-tube video is now also on WBT.

Any articles you write or comments you make are welcome.


There was a lot of talk about change in 2008. Obama, the first black president of the US, made it his war cry. Obama may turn out to be the ultimate political opportunist, winning power through corporate handouts and greed.

President and Mrs. Kennedy greet members of the 2506 Cuban Invasion Brigade, 29 December 1962. ST-19-4-62
President and Mrs. Kennedy greet members of the 2506 Cuban Invasion Brigade, 29 December 1962. ST-19-4-62

Remember it was another reform minded Democrat, Kennedy ‘JFK’, that invaded Cuba (the ‘bay of pigs’) in 1962 and nearly started a nuclear war with the Soviet union. Now, Obama’s backers think that they can print money and that will save the American economy.

It may seem a bit grandiose and hopeful but I think change is on the way.

Greece is one indicator. It is surprising how strong the various communist and socialist parties and the anarchist organisations  in Greece are still, despite everything, the austerity and repression down the years all the way back  from “The Regime of the Colonels” in 1967 onwards.

The Greek treasury may be running low on  foreign cash reserves and the Greek people have rejected the austerity.

As for my neck of the woods, south-east Queensland  I hope to help as much as I can and be in a place where I can organise and point in the right direction if the need arises. This year has been hard. Lex Wotton was jailed for 6 years. The Palm Island people still do not have justice after waiting for so long, after so much has been done, all to no avail. Rudd said ‘Sorry’ to the stolen generation but it is not enough.

Workers are dying on building sites, the combined unions have tried to get through to Rudd and Gillard that the ABCC is not way to treat workers and their union organisers, to little avail.

Of course the GFC came along, we were to find out later that the Australian economy had stalled even before it came. But all the government has done is to throw money into the greedy hands that caused it in the first place.

That is enough for now, enough from me …  I am sure you with agree, too many words, not enough organisation!

Ian Curr
12 December 2008
Workers BushTelegraph

One thought on “Workers BushTelegraph going into recess till Invasion Day, 26 Jan 2009

  1. Going to extremes
    [a short piece written by Humphrey McQueen as a speech at the Spirit of Eurejka anniversary event in Melbourne recently. Forwarded by Shirley Winton.
    Thanks to Ross Gwyther from WorkLife (Brisbane) for sending it on.]

    With politicians bleating against “extreme” capitalism, activists need to be clear about our own extremism. Taking a leaf from Equality by the English Christian socialist, R. H. Tawney (1880-1962), here are three ways to be extreme.

    First, we need to be extreme in our efforts to understand the dynamics causing the crisis in the accumulation of capital. In particular, we need to get beyond the media pap about a “financial” crisis. We have to recognise that the banking and stock-market upheavals are expressing the il-logic of over-production. The crisis began in the physical economy and is now looping back to intensify those disruptions.

    Armed with that understanding, we can become extreme in working out policies to resist any shifting of the costs of the looming catastrophe onto working people. For instance, we need to learn how to tie our understanding of housing finance to tactics for preventing evictions within a strategy to protect the environment.

    We can interpret the world only by changing it, and change it effectively only by interpreting it profoundly.

    Secondly, we need to be extreme in our preparedness to keep quiet until we have made progress on each element in the previous extreme. Let’s leave it to the politicians to behave like kitchen tidies, their mouths flying open to reveal garbage whenever a journalist steps on their pedals.

    No one can know exactly what is happening with the world economy. Still less can we predict where the next eruption will be. No one knows in detail how best to respond to promote the needs of working people. Within the laws of capital accumulation, new things continue to happen. We have to be extreme is keeping up with those developments.

    As always, we have to listen and learn.

    Organising is education for the activist as much as for the masses. The educator must be re-educated.

    Thirdly, we must become extreme in our determination to apply the lessons learned from the two other “extremes”. We have to be rigorous in our analysis, ready to jettison early approximations whenever evidence and concepts sharpen our understanding.

    In terms of fighting back, the implosion of global capital is no time for rhetorical bluster, of sounding more “left” than everybody else. A huge amount of rebuilding has to be done, organisationally in workplaces and in communities. Many of the insights into exploitation that were taken for granted twenty years ago have to be re-established as common sense.

    For each extreme, we could well revive the pledge at Eureka:

    “We swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights and liberties.”

    In the short term, we need to be extreme in our understanding and application of “truly”.

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