‘This is our country too’ — a film


Director/Producer: Ishmahil Blagrove, Jr.

Edited by: Catherine Arend

Duration: 59 minutes

From the makers of With or Without Fidel, Blood Diamonds and Bang Bang In Da Manor comes a brave new documentary that delves beyond Australia’s reputation of sun, surf and sand to reveal a nation ruptured by a deep racial divide and contested history.

Taking the controversial 2007 Northern Territory Intervention as its starting point, This is Our Country Too is a hard-hitting investigation into Australia’s woeful treatment of its indigenous peoples, and a rare depiction of their unrelenting struggle for justice, equality and self-determination.

Featuring interviews with prominent Aboriginal leaders, Pat Turner, niece of ‘Australia’s Mandela’; Charlie Perkins, Pat Dodson, spearhead of the reconciliation movement, and actor/artist David Gulpilil… This is Our Country Too puts the world’s focus on Australia’s Indigenous people’s forgotten plight and advances the question: How will Australia reconcile with it’s indigenous people?

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