Joe Strummer Memoriam

by Ciaron O'Reilly Joe Strummer died on Dec. 22nd. 2002. This is how a few people in London celebrated his memory last night. Feel free to post your own memoriam as a comment on this link Well as memorials go it was a little weird. They meant well but probably tried to do too … Continue reading Joe Strummer Memoriam

Australian Invasion

IT didn't take very long for the ALP's brand new halo to slip. Julia Gillard has used her new position of power to align herself with John Howard's anti-black-armband revisionists and declare that this nation was in fact settled and not invaded. Allow me to point out to the newly installed Education Minister that genuine … Continue reading Australian Invasion

Liberate Iraq from democracy’s warriors of spin

On election night, former Assistant Federal Treasurer and warmonger, Peter Dutton, looked like losing Cheryl Kernot's old seat of Dickson to a local school teacher, Fiona McNamara, until the masters of spin came out and said that the ALP candidate had conceeded. Former Defence Minister in the Howard government, Nelson Nobody, could not be drawn … Continue reading Liberate Iraq from democracy’s warriors of spin