‘Not one inch’

WAR — ”Where we send our youth to kill people who are not our enemies for people who are not our friends.”

It is over 50 years since Lieutenant Calley and his platoon committed war crimes at a village called Mỹ Lai in Vietnam. Calley was later tried for murdering or ordering the murder of civilians in the village of Mỹ Lai in 1968.… Go to Article

Assange gets support from a strange quarter


John Jiggens (Bay FM), John Shipton (Julian’s dad), Barnaby Joyce (Deputy Prime Minister), 4PR – Voice of the People.

4PR – Voice of the People

It was not a good week for Julian Assange. The UK High Court overruled the lower court decision that denied the US extradition request and it was reported that Assange suffered a stroke while viewing the High Court decision.… Go to Article