Countering ALP opportunism in unions

Hard words rang
across the factory floor
Juan heard the sound of hate
bitter words to injure
a shout that sent the signal
for the war to come

– ‘Brisbane Barrio’ by Jumping Fences

Uber has been a low tax paying global giant since 2010. Twelve 12 years later ABC Announcer, Patricia Karvelas, interviews the incoming Minister for Employment, Workplace Relations and the Arts, Tony Burke, about a deal cut between the Transport Workers Union on behalf of Uber workers in Australia.… Go to Article

Chris Graham speaks – Lies that fed the Northern Territory intervention

The Lies that Built the Northern Territory intervention
6pm Wednesday December 15
Dinner from 5.00pm
Turnstyle Social Place, 10 Laura Street, Highgate Hill


6pm Friday December 17
Dinner from 5.00pm

Paddington Workers Club, 2 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington.
Bar available.

The Lies that Built the Northern Territory intervention has already been presented to several thousand people in South Australia, NSW, Victoria, the ACT and the Northern Territory.Go to Article