Mystery Road

If you get a chance you have got to watch the new ABC series of Mystery Road set in WA. It is interesting in that most of episodes,  the screenplay writers are first nations people, must be a first.  Here is a wiki entry for one of the screen writers:

Kodie Bedford was born in Western Australia of the Djaru and Gija people on her father’s side and Irish and English on her mother’s. She grew in Geraldton in the Pilbara region, and has strong family links in the East Kimberley region. An only child, she grew up with lots of cousins around her. She wanted to be a screenwriter from when she was a teenager, being a great fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and credits storytelling with “saving her life”. Her maternal grandmother, Valda Osborn, who loved Tolkien and Charles Dickens was also a great influence in her choice of writing as a career.

There are some good songs in the series … old and new – one song On the Wire by Kev Carmody that brought a tear to my eye.

This show is a tonic in this our strange crazy world … here are a couple of stills from the credits of Mystery Road.

Interesting also that when I did a search for one of the songs featured “On a wire” by Kev Carmody up came a Google search itemising music played on my old radio show, The Paradigm Shift on community radio, Fridays at Noon, now hosted by Andy Paine … interesting that the algorithm produced these songs as the top three: Pig City by Tony Kneipp, Rule or Reason by Billy Bragg, and Master and Servant by Depeche Mode –

Search and Credits from Mystery Road …

Ian Curr
5 July 2022

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