Developers coming up the road like cancer

Who can afford rent?

Sitting on the front steps of the Queenslander he’s called home for more than a decade, 65-year-old pensioner Bernie Moloney sees the ghosts of the houses that used to line the Brisbane street.

Bernie Moloney should be running in the Federal Election as a candidate for the Anti-Eviction Party. The man is no stranger to civil disobedience. Bernie has been arrested at “Put Raytheon on Trial” protest in 2009 and at US Talisman Sabre military exercises in 2017. In 1982 Bernie was locked up in Boggo Road after protesting in the mall on Friday Nights. Democratic rights had been suspended by Russ Hinze, you could have speak outs in the Queen Street Mall. Bernie comes out the Boggo Road gate wearing a new pair of thongs the jail gave him (‘these have even got double prongs, matey’) after 3 days they could not take any more of Bernie who decided to reform the kitchen (“all this white bread , stops people shitting, matey“) and they told him to piss off after 3 days even though he was in for 10 days.  

When AHIMSA house at 26 Horan St West End was sold by the bank Bernie was there. Queensland police arrested Bernie as one of the Friends of AHIMSA trying to save that community house. This Peace House was proposed by Link Up to become a community centre for indigenous youth. They offered market price to buy the building. But the Qld public trustee put that proposal in the bin and preferred to deal with the merchant bank, Challenger.

Ross Taylor being evicted from AHIMSA House by the Challenger Bank, aided and abetted by the Qld Public Trustee.

The PTO’s action was a fraud on both the owner, Ross Taylor, and on the West End community that he wished to help. Community is important.

Bernie Moloney understands that after years of hanging out with the catholic worker group. Bernie lives his life as if the truth were true. Portrayed as an eccentric by the news media, Moloney says what he thinks, and does not filter his words with ‘social politeness’. Having been kicked out of West End and now evicted from Milton by the developers, Bernie’s options are limited.

“Right along … going north and south for about a kilometre was all Queenslanders. Now it’s all this,” Bernie said pointing towards a high-rise complex near his Milton house.

“They’ve been coming up the street like cancer for the last 10 and a half years, gradually getting rid of the Queenslanders on both sides.” – Bernie
– Report byTobias Jurss-Lewis, ABC

Ian Curr
5 May 2022.

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