May Day 2022 speeches

We post here the speeches made at the May Day celebrations at the Exhibition Grounds (Barrambin) in Brisbane /Meanjin on 2 May 2022. All the speeches were directed toward getting Labor elected on 21 May 2022. Not a single rank and file worker was invited on the platform. The people who spoke were (in order) Ben Jones (welcome), Sally McManus (ACTU Secretary), Annastacia Palaszczuk. (Qld Premier), Anthony Albanese (Leader of the Opposition). I found the speeches and the American style of campaigning very disappointing. The labor leaders speak as if the truth is not true. The truth being that capitalism is in crisis. They speak and behave as if it is not because their only ambition is to manage capitalism and not to seek an alternative economic system. The podium was surrounded by Labour Party supporters and organises and it was noticeable that the platform was boycotted by both the CFMMEU and the MUA. Why would workers come to the platform when you’ve done a good job and you’ve organised with union members who have participated and turned up …especially when there is only disappointment to hear the politicians speak as if the standard of living has gone down and will continue to do so while the crisis lasts.
In solidarity,
Ian Curr,
4 May 2022.


We include a transcript of the intro by the Premier of Qld, Annastacia Palaszczuk.

I start by acknowledging the traditional owners of the country. But can I say friends? Isn’t it lovely to celebrate Labor Day in May. The Labor government did that to return Labor Day to its rightful spot? It was a greatest thing everyone marching today … standing up for the rights of workers across this state. And thank you for everything you do for the women and men of this state.

Now, there’s something coming up and it’s called an election. And we need change. And let me just talk to you briefly. We need a prime minister that unites this country and does not divide this country.

We worked hard in Queensland, we worked hard in relation to the pandemic and the men and women of this state did us proud and we opened our borders when it was safe to do so.

But we’ve had a prime minister (interjection) that failed to get the vaccines he failed to do quarantine so we built our own quarantine set up. And he also failed to get the RATS test that Queenslanders needed at the time and recently we’ve had the floods friends. (Interjection: What about the coal mines?) And let me say this. A house that is flooded in Queensland is the same as a house that is flooded in New South Wales and Queensland, Queensland is deserve to be treated with dignity and with respect. And I know that there is a person out there who knows that this country needs a better future.

I know that this person cares passionately about the men and women of this country. I know that this person will unite this country will consult with this country and will make sure that we have secure jobs right throughout this state. Can I please introduce to you the next prime minister of Australia? (Chanting: Albo, Albo, Albo ….)

Annastacia Palaszczuk
2 May 2022

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