‘Scott Morrison has got to go’ – Sally McManus

Hello Brisbane, Yay! Scott Morrison is gotta go doesn’t he? Did you just say yes? Scott Morrison is gotta go.

You know what? That bloke says it’s not his job to support us getting pay rises. (Shame) It’s pretty interesting, isn’t it? Because there’s a hell of a lot of things that do not seem to be his job.

Remember, the bushfires, doesn’t hold a hose. Ordering vaccines for us? Wasn’t a race wasn’t a race, doing something about sexual assault in his own workplace? Nowhere to be seen shame.

Ordering RATS test for us not his job either.

Now, I’ll tell you, we depend on our governments to support us keeping up with the cost of living. Our living standards should be going forward and not backwards. You would think it was a number one KPI, if you’re the Prime Minister, to have your own people’s living standards going forwards wouldn’t you?

Sally McManus
2 May 2022

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