AUKUS military build-up

“This is another step towards an intensifying a military build-up aimed at China and involving the US, Australia and the UK despite ASEAN countries expressing disquiet over the AUKUS pact.”

“The question must be asked which major cities’ ports might be used to station nuclear submarines? and what contingency plans are in place to manage either a nuclear accident or in fact a military attack on those vessels?”

“Billions more are being allocated for military infrastructure such as aircraft refuelling facilities and extended runways which concentrates much of the build-up in the Top End – closest to China.”
“Clearly, the world is becoming an ever-more dangerous place, and Australia and its allies seem oblivious to what is increasingly obvious to most people, that global health, the pandemic and climate change are much more important than watering the seeds of conflict.” – IPAN spokesperson Vince Scappatura.

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