The Department of Torture Camps is Shut Today

Watch as a group of anonymous people descend on the Department for Torture Camps (formerly the Department of Home Affairs) and shut it down for the day…

A communique from the group:

“The Department of Torture Camps (formerly the Department of Home Affairs) is shut today.

Early this morning, people shut down the building at 299 Adelaide Street in so-called Brisbane.

They sealed all the doors shut, blocked the front doors with barbed wire fencing and a sign that read, “Department of Torture Camps – Closed”, and spray-painted slogans regularly chanted by imprisoned refugees: “Set us free!”, “Let us breathe!”, “We are human!”

The Department of Home Affairs is a euphemism – it’s really a Department of Torture, a Department of Concentration Camps, a Department of Death, as detailed in the recent inquest into the death of Omid Masoumali.

Just last week, the Federal Court of Australia ruled that the more-than-eight-year detention of a particular refugee was illegal and that he must be freed. But the Minister for Home Affairs, Karen Andrews, refused the court order. He is still imprisoned.

We call for his freedom, and for the freedom of all refugees from the concentration camps run by Australia, including BITA, MITA, the Park Hotel, and other detention centres both onshore and offshore, and for all political prisoners wherever their cage.

For these men, it’s been nearly nine years.

The continued detention of these people is indefensible and we should all be resisting it, every single one of us, in any way we can.How else will we live with ourselves?”

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